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    Xbox One

    I'll buy Xbox One when Halo 5 comes out :D
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    World of Warcraft

    Yes Character: Deafy @ Dunemaul - Community - World of Warcraft
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    Favorite World of Warcraft characters

    Alliance: Night Elf Horde: Undead Favorite: Orc
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    deafESL's Halo 4 2v2 Beta Tournament Sign Up Form!

    Sign up your team for deafESL's Halo 4 2v2 Tournament! (DEAF & HARD AT HEARING ONLY!)
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    deafESL's Halo 4 2v2 Beta Tournament Register at DEAFESL
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    Deafy's Poll-Voting!

    I only spammed because nobody was posting until now thanks guys! I'm the Halo Tournament Director for DEAFESL We're not a spam site and we're a Video Game Site aka eSports Site
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    Deafy's Poll-Voting!
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    Deafy's Poll-Voting!
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    Deafy's Poll-Voting!

    Straw Poll