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    Ohio deaf

    Hi, Mike, I'm near C'bus too. But diehard Buckeye, sorry. Ever go to Gordy's for ASL social on the first Friday every month? It's near Westerville/New Albany at 161 and Sunbury Rd. Hope to see you there!
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    Home Health Care refuses to provide interpreter

    Hi, all, Thought I'd drop by and provide some follow-up. The complaint I filed with DOJ went to mediation last month. The lawyer for the agency stated it was not a money issue, but a legal precedent. His interpretation of the law was that HOME care was not specifically included in the...
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    Any gift idea for 100 year old?

    :thumb: absolutely. at that age there is little need for material things.
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    Fountain Lady may sue the mall

    1. Stuff happens. 2. Sometimes it's your own fault. 3. Suing someone else for your own actions or random events doesn't change what happened. 4. Stop wasting the courts' time with frivolous lawsuits!!! IMHO
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    Childhood Abuse Higher Among the Deaf

    You're welcome. Thank goodness for eccentric! "Normal" is highly over-rated! :giggle:
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    Childhood Abuse Higher Among the Deaf

    That's unconscionable, Botts. Sorry you had to experience that. :hug:
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    Childhood Abuse Higher Among the Deaf

    very true. Too many people thing that "what you want to hear" is an acceptable substitute for honesty.
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    How do you sign...

    It seems your instructor was signing "ourselves", like "information-ourselves-exchange". Both are acceptable forms of "what". I see the first (palms up, hands gently moved in and out) more casually used, and the second more commonly followed by a place or thing to be identified (what is...
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    What are the pros and cons of being oral or voice-off?

    It's tough with a 5 year old, but kudos to the waitress for addressing him directly. It's terribly insulting as an adult to have a waitress ask my companions what "she" wants (pointing to me)...
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    Childhood Abuse Higher Among the Deaf

    In my work I care for the most vulnerable children; those who cannot communicate, move, or care for themselves. We have include this issue in our training curriculum. Parents often become offended or angry when I do ask questions or teach them ("we don't do that in our home"). I have to let...
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    Late Deafened....When did you Come out of the Closet

    I woke up one morning with sudden hearing loss, about 50-60 dB. It was such a huge change for me it was obvious to everyone that I couldn't hear. I had the "deer in headlights" expression for weeks while I tried to figure out how to function. Within 3 months my hearing loss was 110-115 dB...
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    How do you sign...

    Anyone know a good sign for "corruption"? Came up in our Book Club recently.
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    Interpret my Audiogram

    Single sided deafness.
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    American Express

    I use AE and have a card without annual fees. The one drawback is that AE charges the seller a higher fee (3%, if I'm not mistaken) for accepting and using their card than MC or Visa. A few places I go won't accept AE (especially for big purchases) because of those fees.