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    Toddler 2 months post activation

    I'm doing well! Sorry I haven't been around, I had another surgery and it was a rough recovery! I am doing well with my hearing! I have my next testing on Wednesday. Excited to see my speech numbers! Ash is correct in that we have access to the high frequency sounds, it's just a matter of...
  2. DeafAlex petition for CI coverage

    Ugh...It's not up to us to decide whether this baby should have a CI or not. His parents and Dr's know his medical state. In order to qualify for a CI, he had to have tried HA's and shown they didn't give enough benefit. He is not our child. By signing the petition, I am not advocating babies...
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    Cochlear Implant Cost

    The processors and implant are included in our prices. We just only pay a small portion depending on our insurance coverage. I think mine was about $1,500 out of pocket (or rather, my parents' pocket ;P )
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    Cochlear Implant Cost

    I pay about $100/year for renter's insurance that I just added my Neptune to (almost $8,000). That's for $28,000 of Replacement Content insurance (meaning they will pay the cost to replace all items, instead of just cash value at the time of damage/loss). As far as surgery, all tests...
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    how has cochlear implants controversy died out?

    I was responding to this; And Thanks :)
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    Have you ever tried to wear CI or HA when you are sleeping in bed?

    You wouldn't be able to wear a CI 24/7. Not only would you get horrid headaches, but the skin underneath the magnet would burn and eventually break down, leaving your implant exposed and useless. My skin burns after just 8-9 hours with my CI on, and that's with just 1 magnet.
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    how has cochlear implants controversy died out?

    I tested no response and now my implanted ear tests between 15 and 40dB depending on the frequency. It is better than that now because it's been turned up, but I won't be tested again until next month. I had 34% speech recognition at 1 month post activation.
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    Looking for CIC with magnetic wand controller

    BAHA is for conductive loss. It would not help sensorial loss at all. BAHA bypasses the ear drum and 3 bones, sending the sound straight to the cochlea. If the loss is sensorial, this does no good, as you would still have the same problem. ETA: Maybe your confusion is assuming she's SSD? Sounds...
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    Looking into CI

    Ditto what everyone else said. We can't tell you what it will sound like because it's different for everyone. For me personally with my AB implant, music sound good to me as long as I already knew the song before I went completely deaf. If I've never heard it before I can't follow it. I have...
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    YAY! Finally have hearing aids!

    That's sweet how she seems to really like them!
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    Day one

    Obviously that goes without saying! Geez...
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    Did you wear body aid while young?

    I think those were gone by the time I would have needed it (1996). My birth parents wouldn't have got me one anyway, or let the school give me one. They refused to but me aids or let the school.
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    Adults profoundly deaf that have has cochlear implants

    I'm not sure. I know that a Deaf friend of mine who went deaf at 10 months old did not qualify for a CI due to it being so long since he heard. He could have gotten implanted at a different clinic with less strict standards, but I think he gave up.
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    Day one

    I don't quite understand why you are so scared to lose your career, yet don't think learning ASL now to secure your career in the future isn't important? Don't wait for it to get worse, learning ASL takes time. It takes 2 years if you go though a college. I am a preschool teacher. Up until I got...