Born Hearing. Deaf from skull fractures at 8 years old. L-NR, R-NR. Ossicle Repair Surgery at 10 years old. L-NR, R-65. Sensorial Hearing Degrading. Now L-NR, R-NR. Making a lifestyle change in order to live Deaf and within my local Deaf community. R

Reading, Aquarium-Keeping, Family, Children
Pre-School Teacher


:deaf:Alexandra (Alex) Deaf since 8, now 24
Split between 2 worlds...
Raised in the Hearing world by my hearing biological family with no ASL. Now use ASL and live in the Deaf community, while still trying to stay connected with my adoptive hearing family and friends.
Implanted w/ AB Cochlear Implant 2/27 right ear
Activated with Neptune 3/20
Naida S V UP left ear

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