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    Seeking for a serious relationship !!

    Hi, I am new to this site. I am having that kind of trouble too. Caring and honest from where?
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    HoH and feeling a bit isolated

    I completely understand but I am almost 47. Hearing aid is a machine that it does not perceive "depth perception" very well. I used to have 40 db loss and now it's 90 db loss. Some noises that sounded like 10 feet away but it's actually next door while some other noises were like 5 feet away...
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    Hearing deaf Relationship help

    Hearing people are so lazy and they have a better ability to stir things up unnecessarily ... I would stay clear from hearing people. Stick with interpreter, deaf or HOH. Communication is critical at all cost as possible. Any slight misunderstandings can be an ordeal. Hearing people are great...