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    Dc vs. marvel

    BOO!! haha.. jk.. You like X-men... WHY??!!?
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    Western new York! Wait... Isn't that Canada? No.. new York has a West, haha (it's a new York thing.)
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    Pizza.. feed my soul..

    Pizza.. feed my soul..
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    What Song Are You Listening To?

    Holla to the middle school years. still good.
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    Dc vs. marvel

    ... Look, I "enjoy" both two.. But come on man, which one you like ?????!!!!!?!??!?!?!
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    Dc vs. marvel

    Bro, I hope you good! Be careful.. Keep us updated!
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    Dc vs. marvel

    :0 dude.. are you okay man? you need to start taking care of your self bro!
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    Dc vs. marvel

    Thanks man, :p I try to be ha you watched the new justice league trailer? "Justice League hero's trailer" on youtube is amazing!
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    A Thread About Absolutely Nothing! Part III

    Show about absolutely nothing... a thread about absolutely nothing
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    Dc vs. marvel

    Alley cat, Abigail is a friend from high school.. She is happy to learn asl, but wants ASL friends. And I am trying to teach her that calling people "losers" is not okay.. Thats a Bad Abby! Bad!
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    New member

    My deaf friends got my back!
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    First deaf community meet. what should i expect?

    Good luck! thoughts and prayers girl! you will be fine!
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    New member

    Hello.. I'm Abby and I need help.. haha