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    Why is the deaf/hoh community so isolating

    American who went to uni - can you get a note-taker for your classes? It's definitely not too early to think of alternate careers. I had a career all mapped out and it required tons of communication - lawyer. I decided to take my time on committing to law school and went to go work for a state...
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    What should i know to be a great mostly-deaf father to a deaf or hearing baby?

    I'd like to know what kind of parenting techniques are good to practice if you are mostly deaf and have children (deaf or otherwise). I have anxiety towards being a dad because I don't want to misunderstand my child. I'm almost completely deaf and live in a hearing world. My wife is trying to...
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    What are you thinking about? Part VI

    Long time no see AllDeaf! Welp- first thread I dive into- "some crazy should-I-move-to-marry-boy-I-never-met"? Good memories ahhh yess. Jiroooo! Regulating. Anyways, I'm thinking about how late it is and how all deaf is doing. Oh yeah the source of my stress/insomnia. So my mother decided to...
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    What are you thinking about? Part VI

    deaf social tomorrow...hopefully there's people there :)
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    I'm Hard of Hearing but I absolutely need captions, otherwise I lose interest in the movie. Unless of course, the movie is "Wall-E" or something strongly visual. I loved "Sunshine" because of the visuals alone. Amazing. I like a movie that can do visuals and storytelling really really well. Like...
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    What did you do today? Part II

    went to a training class called "what about communication?" once or twice I had to sort of chime in that the teacher was being overtly cautious about my hearing impairment. Too much legal red-tape in the workplace, not enough trust :/
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    What are you thinking about? Part VI

    one issue at a time...I'm an almost lawyer lol :wave: i.e. don't take actual advice from me...just consider what I'm saying and then go consult a real lawyer and see if they say any different ;)
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    What are you thinking about? Part VI

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    HOH girl with relationship problems

    :wave: yeah...these kind of feelings are the kinds where I show her the door. It's not fair to have a partner who doesn't understand how life is like for you...he needs to be supportive. he doesn't get it. If he doesn't try to understand, show him the door.
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    What are you doing right now?

    "chatting" with hearing people online. most of it is texts/video no one speaks. shrug kinda fun.
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    video chat?

    perhaps a link to a specific room? how about ICanHazChat - Webcam Chat for the Masses? It's not on 24/7 if nobody is in there, but ...all deafers could just keep checking the room to see if anyone's in?
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    What did you learn today?

    I learned that I need to check all of my cables in my new PC from time to time... Vibration loosened my CPU power to "off" and damaged my OS/hard drive..lucky I have a big flash drive inside that was serving as a cache to the HDD... Re-installing windows 7 on the flash drive and hopefully...
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    How are you feeling today?....

    Exactly how I feel with my family. :(
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    HOH. ME? HOH. You

    Get tested. It's very... 19th century to feel some shame in having hearing loss. Some degree of hearing loss is present in a vast majority of adults. Just get tested. Hearing Aid in right ear is my better half. Completely deaf in left ear. It's a choice really.
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    What is your favorite book?

    "defying hitler" sebastian haffner