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    "Gassy News"....

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    How to spot a bum

    You know, Steiny that's not a very nice thing to say...
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    Last Movie You Watched?

    Not sure if it counts as a Movie, but watched Hero's Season 2.
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    Are Rich People Unethical?

    Like I've always said, "All is fair in Love, War, and Business." I say that because that is what I have observed in other people, particularly the business part. Plus, through painful personal experience I know how unethical AND unlawful wealthy can be when given the chance. Their like the...
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    Alta. sheriff used "excessive" force on deaf mute cancer survivor: Probe

    How did I help you? By making you laugh?
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    What are you thinking about? Part V

    Sounds like someone is playing the old 'Not in my backyard' game with you. Pretty much the only reason for such stupid ordinances anyhow... :thumbd:
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    Thief peed on a transformer and got electrocuted.

    This is just a sad commentary of how screwed up our laws are - Stealing music is something corporations who make money off of them particularly don't want people even thinking about, hence their money perverted the law towards their own ends. And the politics of the war on drugs supposedly...
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    U.S. troops killed and wounded amid Afghan protests over Koran burning

    The only thing I got to say is, when did unbalanced people ever need a reason for anything? This whole 'fit' over burning books just sounds like an excuse.
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    What did you do today? Part II

    Went to the Sleep doc, who looked at my APAP's electronic records and decided that it's keeping my apnea under control well enough that I won't need to come back in for another appointment for another year or so. (Good news for me!) Then went and did a little shopping at Fleet farm, Walmart and...
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    Random Vents.....

    So you prefer to be a slob, I take it? :hmm:
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    I really hate ignorant people.

    Well said, MissTraverse!
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    Quick question.. or two.

    :hmm: Interesting, that's not how the Mayo clinic Doctors explained the terms to me. So their incorrect? :shock:
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    Quick question.. or two.

    I'll keep it short and simple as per your original post - Answer to question #1: No, your still quite young - now if this happened when you were say 60, then you could say late. Answer to #2: HoH. Or you could call it 'in the crack between the deaf and the hearing worlds' as some like to refer...
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    Some banks 'failing' deaf customers

    I've learned through bitter experience that Banks don't really care about anything other than the money making mainstream populace, the rest don't matter much to them.
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    Alta. sheriff used "excessive" force on deaf mute cancer survivor: Probe

    There really wasn't that much time between when the guy walked in before he was being hauled out the door by the aggressive cop. The video pretty much condemns the cop by the speed of his response. And the bit about the guy being a danger seems rather lame. This can be summed up by - "What we...