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    Decision is Made

    My daughter is 2 and was implanted bilaterally with Advanced Bionics at 1. She is doing great! I don't now much on Medel We have chosen to use a kinder clip for her implants so they are clipped to the back of her shirt, 2 clips one for each implant. That has been a life saver for us. However...
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    eligible for cochlear implant and many questions

    I am not a CI user myself however my daughter is. We chose AB 1st off because of their customer service department, I would encourage you to call both companies Customer Service. For us AB was able to answer any and all questions within seconds of our call (even were honest and did not hide...
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    Cochlear recalls Nucleus CI500

    I didn't feel like anyone was being argumentative or playing stupid games. Just stating the fact that hearing is being able to detect a sound not distinguish. Its hard enough as a parent to make the decision to implant or not and and when you have to read through gobs of post with false...