I'm a university student in Alberta. I like space and the ocean, and I want to explore it all, as unrealistic as that is with our technology currently. One of my favourite things to do is see things I've never seen before. There's nothing more exciting than running around in the woods and finding hidden things. Crumbling cabins, weird mushrooms, tiny streams. I am nocturnal and hate being awake during the day, but unfortunately I'm going to have to fix that for school.

I am a hearing person, but I am starting to have some concerns regarding my hearing. I have difficulty understanding when people speak to me, like I can hear their voice but not their words. My hearing also cuts out randomly sometimes, usually for a minute or two at a time but getting more frequent. My partner and I are interested in learning ASL so we can still communicate when my ears cut out.
Feb 10, 1997 (Age: 24)
Alberta, Canada
University Student


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