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    New here...

    Thank you so much. My implant is also in the left ear and was implanted on the 22nd. I am to be activated on the 7th. I am optimistic and it helps to read the experiences of others. Looking forward to eventually getting back into life a little. Wishing you well.
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    New Member

    Welcome, Joan.
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    I am new here

    Welcome, Doyle64.
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    New here...

    Thank you, VI. I am scheduled to get an implant on the 22nd and I am feeling very optimistic. Hope the ASL is going well for you. Take care. Be happy.
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    Hi There

    Welcome Gretta. Sending you an early Happy Birthday greeting!
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    Lost my hearing in both ears just a year ago.

    Hi Prince820, did you get your implants? If so, how are you doing with them? Wishing you well.
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    Hi Everyone :-)

    Welcome, Freespiritwander.
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    That is so nice. Be happy.
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    Welcome, Levi. I wish you well.
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    What are you doing right now? Part II

    It's 4 am here and I am having coffee while reading what is new on these forums. Enjoy a great day, everyone! Also, going for my ci evaluation this week so anxious to see how that goes :)
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    New here...

    And welcome to you Deafly Media!
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    Maybe find some one right for me. Take it easy

    Not sure why being single upsets you and I am sorry that it does. It's okay to be alone sometimes. They say just because you are alone doesn't mean that you are lonely. I know that obviously doesn't work for everyone. Don't mean to get into your business; perhaps, just don't beat yourself up...
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    New here...

    Welcome, mcair1020! I have been receiving/reading a lot of very helpful information from these forums and hope you will also. Enjoy a beautiful day!
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    lv decided on no hearing aids or operations.

    Hi x1heavy, would you mind giving me a little more information on the $20 walmart voice booster that you use? Thank you!
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    Great feel to be a part here

    How are you doing, williamkimbler? Would you like to share your story? Enjoy a great day.