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    I I am student in university I learn with videos with hand sign
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    Ok What do you do for a living?
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    How are you feeling today? Part II

    You will be fine.Hope there isn't any discharge.Hope you didn't use a sharp object in it .Then you will be fine.
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    How are you feeling today? Part II

    I feel bored because i'm indoor today
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    How did you become deaf / hard of hearing?

    My Doctor told me I had congenital rubella syndrome. I also have cataract
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    Comment by 'christianrob232' in media 'Dogs.jpg'

    I love dogs and cats.Please where can I buy dogs?
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    New friends?

    I am Christiana Robinson from Anchorage,Alaska.I like meeting honest and good looking friends.
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    hello everyone

    hello everyone