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    Adjustment to late onset deafness

    OMG!!! Please tell me this temporary. I noticed other smells yesterday, chemically related, but didn't think anything of it because I know things are changing. I did not expect today . . . I could smell the body odors of half the people around me. Wanted to gag at a couple of them. Is this just...
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    Adjustment to late onset deafness

    You're not alone in that boat. I'm tired of the getting the short stick, not sure what but it's time for change.
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    Deaf listen better than Hearies

    I believe Empath would fit better relating to feelings/emotions.
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    Dumbfounding how self centered some people are.

    S.T.E.P. - More and more I’ve been going in that direction. Looks like I will need to go there more often. There have been many good comments, Thank you everyone!! Yes, it is a co-worker. I hope not for long, I have updated my resume and back to doing applications.
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    Dumbfounding how self centered some people are.

    I am sure this has been brought up before but I just need to vent and find a solution. Others know that if I can’t see your lips I won't hear what you are saying. I have a hearing person in my life who knows this and lied to my face saying I told you three times I needed bla bla bla. I can...
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    Greetings from Idaho

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    Hi I'm Ronnie

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    Hether Shecim

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    New colombian guy here!

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    Hello from Upstate NY

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    Deaf Girl Raised to be Hearing

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    Help a new sista out!

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    Hey Hey Hey!

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    Hello from NC