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    Is this possible?

    Well everything is possible but the problem is when you do change the programs the brain will change too and you have to be more careful when you do so when you do so the left or right will change again too so you find to find yourself to change again for that hearing!! i am deaf with two...
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    Hello from London

    Hi Nice to meet you Dave! im Joseph. you did come to the right places Dave you will meet many people on this site!!
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    Who is single here?

    I been single for too long!! many years!!! still have to wait when the time comes!!
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    Deaf and Proud of it! :)

    Hello there and welcome to this great site!!! am from the uk in england but live in south of france so am doing FSL then ones i done that i wanna do ASL and then BSL because i am deaf and my right one is getting worth so i was born deaf! and i wanna be a volunteered worker you know help people...
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    Hey :) HOH from Uk

    Hi Maureen you come to the right site!! to meet many nice people and friendly! I am HOH , born deaf, i started to learn French sign Language in french it's LSF but one day i will start BSL!! i am from the uk in England but we have been lived in south of France for 8 years now!!! Hope to hear...
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    hearing girl learning british sign level two n wanting new friends!!

    Hi Leah! are you a hearing person? or hoh or profound deaf?
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    Hi! I'm new...

    Hello there :))
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    Here for my son :)

    Hello you come to the right place!! welcome to Alldeaf!
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    dog lover here

    I love dogs too but sorry am not a cat person only one is great but more than one?? am allergic to it!!!:wave:
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    dog lover here

    6 cool and are they all the same? or all kind of dogs?
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    New member

    Hi there and nice to meet you!!!
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    I'm Brittany. :)

    Hello Brittany welcome to the site and nice to meet you! well i wanted to do ASL but i wanna do (FSL) French sign language! what made you want to learn ASL? are you hearing person or HOH or CI?
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    Hi Praveen here pls anyone can help me!

    dilfull just listen to all the people what been said!!! and learn from it here, this is why we all here when you don't know much about deaf people! but what i do understand you is that you seen some one very special, that she is deaf!! i see where your coming from but not the way you said! you...
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    Looks dirty but it's funny

    lol i like it!!!! nice one!!