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    Telecoil ear loop for 8 year old

    Neckloops use telecoil. Wouldn't know which brand is a good one though. I haven't used telecoil in years, due to having cochlear implants. As for the bookies conversation, O_o wow
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    Telecoil ear loop for 8 year old

    Noizfree did have dual ear hooks, but it seems they have been discontinued, which is unfortunate. There are also neckloops, which can be worn around the neck; just make sure the hearing aids are turn to Telecoil mode. Have you considered something like a ComPilot from Phonak for the hearing...
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    CI Brands

    All brands will allow you to hear again. They all have their own programmings/speech processing strategies/etc, features, accessories, etc. I don't know if one brand does music better than others; I think music sounds just fine with my AB's. A lot of this depends on your brain processing/making...
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    First pair of hearing aids - Phonak brand

    When I had the Claro, it would auto-adjust depending on noise levels. It actually drove me out of my mind in high school, with switching classes (the noise in the hallways would trigger the auto-adjust, switching to the noise setting, but it'd switch back to normal, noise, normal, etc... within...
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    First pair of hearing aids - Phonak brand

    I grew up wearing Phonaks and have always been happy with them. I trialed an Oticon and didn't care for it, probably because I was used to hearing with Phonaks that the Oticon was just weird for me. Think I've worn 4 different types of Phonaks over the years that I know of (2 sets of Pico Forte...
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    Cochlear Implant Pain That Isn't Normal..?

    magnet strength too strong? That is the only thing I can think of, though I'm not sure if that would explain the throat pain.
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    CI and tinnitus

    No guarantees a CI will get rid of the tinnitus. I've had tinnitus for as long as I can remember, and getting my CIs didn't change that, I still have tinnitus. Mostly I experience it when it's quiet around me or if I don't have my processors on.
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    How do I pick the correct cochlear implant company?

    definitely play with the demos in the office if you can, that way you get a feel for them and figure out how to put the processors together (take battery on/off, cables, etc.). It's hard to tell you which company to go for, each company have their pros/cons; it's a matter of what you want to...
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    any word on bone conduction

    BAHA (bone anchored hearing aids, which uses bone conduction) has been going on for years. but I don't know if that'll be of much help for you if the CI didn't work out.
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    Naida V...Feedback?

    Only time I had issues with feedback with my Naida hearing aid was when the earmold didn't fit right, or if anyone/anything got too close to my ear. I needed a lot of power.
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    Super power HA/CI. question

    the most powerful hearing aid would have never been useful for my left ear, would still have gotten absolutely nothing; a CI works but I know I won't get beyond maybe 65/70% comprehension with left CI alone (but I'm happy with the results I get for the left ear with CI, as compared to absolute...
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    Profoundly deaf - anyone like me, have CI?

    I emailed the support of the training website and they didn't have anything (they told me they haven't had enough requests/need for captions/transcripts). But there is some text on the slides, so I can figure out the general idea of what is being said on each slide.
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    Profoundly deaf - anyone like me, have CI?

    I've been doing this online training for my new job, which, unfortunately, has no captions/subtitles. O_O Yeah, my CI ears and brain are working overtime trying to comprehend what I'm hearing.... so far not too bad, but I have to take breaks in between sections. Even the section that lasts...
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    CI and ability to use electrical devices on face

    Contact your CI manufacturer directly. They would be able to answer that question.
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    Nucleus 7 and iPhone

    My friend has bilateral N7's, and she has to hold the phone up to speak into it for the other person to hear her when using the Bluetooth feature. She doesn't have to hold the phone up like normal people do to hear it (because Bluetooth streams the call straight to her CIs), but needs to hold it...