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    Northern Arizona University, Arizona State Univ. and University of Arizona

    I go to the U of A. They provide CART, interperters, and note taker. :)
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    New to All Deaf

    Hi there! I'm also from Tucson and attending to the U of A. :)
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    Hola from AZ!!!

    Hello! Welcome to AD and I'll move to Arizona next month. I'm looking forward to it. :)
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    Uploading a video into the computer

    Hi, a friend of mine just videotaped her daughter rolling over and she want to upload it onto her computer and then post it on YouTube. The thing is, she used videocamera and I'm not sure on how this would work. I can imagine that she would need some cable line to hook up her camera to hard...
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    I got ACT score from mail

    I take it that it's your first time taking ACT? If so, it's normal to get the scores that you didn't expected to get at your first time. The first time I took ACT in my sophomore year in high school, I scored 13. I bought ACT college prep test book over the summer and when I took ACT again in...
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    Hi from AZ

    ;-) I know I will love the weather. My mother and kid brother have been living in Tucson for three years now (they lives around Three Points, not far from AJO 86).
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    Hi from AZ

    hehe, my boyfriend's father graduated from ASU in 1976 and whenever I'm at the house, I'd sing "Bear Down Arizona Bear Down Red and Blue Bear Down Arizona Kick the shit out of ASU Let 'em know who's who" He would give me the mean look. hehe.. I've been to ASU and it's a beautiful school. The...
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    Hi from AZ

    I take it that you graduated from ASU? :) I'm sure that I'll like it. When I went on campus touring last spring, I fell in love with the campus and decided that it's where I want to go for graduate school. Ironically enough, with the issues going on with Gallaudet's accreditation, I've...
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    Hi from AZ

    Hi there! I'm from New Jersey and I'll move to Tucson, Arizona by the end of this summer to go to University of Arizona. I'm sure that you will make friend in no times, it does take while but it will be soon before you know it! :)
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    Deaf Day at 6 Flags- Jackson, NJ

    ahies, alright.. thank you. look like i wouldn't be able to attend this year. :( i miss everybody back home.
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    Deaf Day at 6 Flags- Jackson, NJ

    Does anybody have any information on Deaf Day at 6 Flags in Jackson, NJ?
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    Anyone from RIT?

    That's great! I'll be at RIT tomorrow and staying up there for two weeks to visit some friends and checking into Liberal Arts since I'm considering about transferring. :-P
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    Who has LJ??

    aren't you trippyshroom? :-)
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    What religion are you?

    Roman Catholic
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    i noticed my urine is very clear...

    steevvviieee!! :-**** <3333