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    Do I have a Processing Disorder or just mild loss?

    Sara, I am experiencing the exact same situation, along with dizziness and roaring/ringing in my ears. Looking for an audiologist who specializes in CAPD........ Seems lie a good place to start. I think low gain aids will be our best bet as far as noninvasive strategies go. Good luck!
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    oral death program question

    TODtobe........feeling like you are feeding off of this thread. *sigh*. Low ball in high weeds. Hoping you grow lots before you get out there. Maybe if we all stop participating in the TODtobe show...........
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    oral death program question

    I said it varied. And yes, some families do seek intensive intervention services. I spent years in EI and saw many kids weekly as did the SLP, SLPA and DI. Three times a week EI services and other days at language groups, private service. That adds up. You seriously need to step back and...
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    oral death program question

    Oh, my!! Speech therapy for a child who has been implanted can very from once DAILY to TWICE daily. My cousin, who was implanted early, saw an SLP daily as a baby/youngster and then during the school years saw the school SLP and had separate therapy after school. Listen, TODtobe...we need...
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    Cochlear program to give deaf children best start to life

    Ok. Can't let this go.......I have NEVER met a Deaf child or adult with a cochlear implant (with a prelinguistic loss) who didn't endure years of tedious speech therapy. Let there be no mistake.... CIs are NOT a magic bullet. It is a tremendous commitment to implant a child. I see too many...
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    lyric aids

    As a TOD I would strongly urge you to utilize hearing aids that are FM compatible!! I don't mean a neck loop, but small receivers on the aids and a high quality transmitter. I love the Inspiro transmitter from Phonak.
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    oral death program question

    Be careful TODtobe! As a veteran TOD (nearly 20 years) I can tell you that not all implants work well for all kids and not all kids tolerate the amplification of being implanted. What you learn at school is narrow compared to real life. I have always thought of lip reading as a natural talent...
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    Is there a single woman for me here ?

    Chonni- You just confused your pronouns. We all get that. No one is making fun of you. It's the posts of Wakey that they are laughing about. The message is STEER CLEAR of Wakey!!:shock:
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    Deaf college for cochlear kid?

    Oral student at Deaf College? I am a teacher of the Deaf and yes, he sounds like he would benefit from being exposed to a missing part of his life. Deaf culture is not replaced by mainstreaming......that void will still exist. BTW, the nuances you spoke of with transposing words and omitting...
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    How would I go about starting a Deaf Awarness group in my community?

    Yep. "Miss. Jo" will do it. I will text you.
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    How would I go about starting a Deaf Awarness group in my community?

    It's at 121 E. Second St., right by the university. Give me a general idea where you live and I can point you in the right direction. It's The Rowan County Board of Education Central Office. Just leave an email or cell number.....
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    How would I go about starting a Deaf Awarness group in my community?

    Hoodoowytch, I can PM via yahoo, but frankly I can't sort it out! Lol! This what we can do.....are you within walking distance of the Board Office? (No transport, right?) if so, you could drop me a note with your info with the secretary there and I can pick it up when I have a free minute...
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    How would I go about starting a Deaf Awarness group in my community?

    OK. Great. PM would be the easiest way to contact each other. Let me try to PM you and see if it works. :wave: