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    my eBook about being d/Deaf

    one time in my small town where i grew up, after i graduated from college, i was back in my hometown celebrating and decided to walk home to be safe to no drive. i saw cops pulled someone over so i stopped for a minute to watch. suddenly cops came over to me saying something, which later i...
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    my eBook about being d/Deaf

    :wave:>CLICK HERE for FREE ebook until Jan 15th, then $4.99<:wave: Mod Edit: Admin-approved thread.
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    Deaf Quotes

    I compiled some on twitter with hashtag #DeafQuote
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    vote for best cover art for Deaf book

    help me pick cover art for my book "You Are Deaf, Congratulations: The Deafhood Journey and Understanding Audism" poll is here
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    Is ASL Limiting?

    ok.. i want to improve so if you are willing to offer constructive criticism as to the specific "ridiculous and untrue statements" instead of an unfounded generalization, i would like to read what you have to say. that is, if you really care about the Deaf Cause.. then please, let us carry this...
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    Is ASL Limiting?

    You have no idea I do have honest job. I dont get SSI/SSDI. I also make music so maybe i am a social loafer. you have a problem with that? by the way, your parents attitude about money is wrong. Always ask for money, especially when you contribute something to society.. do you work for...
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    Is ASL Limiting?

    Donate Money Because I Am Deaf? No. I AM Deaf. Im not trying. Did you even read the post? You attack me for no reason and you dont know me. I am fighting for the cause and you just want to discredit me? Specifically what is your problem with me? you are a troll:mad: How do you make your...
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    I had another misunderstanding in Hearing Dominant Culture. They assume my nonverbal means wrong thing. Im trying to communicate, but they use my methodologies against me. Here is the story. Have you almost gotten in a barfight because someone assumed something wrong based on you being Deaf?:shock:
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    Questionnaire on My Deafness

    I was interviewed and thought I would share my answers with you. I discovered that the more we learn about other Deaf experiences, it empowers us. view it here:wave:
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    Deaf Rights Case

    a couple years ago I was let go from a deli job because of communication problems. I filed a disability discrimination case with EEOC but nothing came of it. apparently justice costs money :shock: but I couldnt even find a damn lawyer anyway who would take the case! read more here Has ADA...
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    Deaf Dream

    I had a dream that made me think about something. Would they say someone in a wheelchair is fixed? NO, but they think CI's fix Deaf. It is lies.:zzz:
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    Noise cancelling hearing aids

    Some say tinnitus is god because of reasons I can't figure out because I don't like it. But I have new hearing aids that help cancel certain frequencies that make my life easier.
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    Being Deaf in Holographic Universe

    I am trying to use the Holographic Universe theory to convince Hearies that we are all connected and equal and interdependent. So I wrote about it in more detail if you are interested. But the key point in my opinion is that if we can convince the medical people to accept a more metaphysical...
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    Swiss Cheese Model Of Communication

    I wrote a blog post about how we are all like a different piece of Swiss cheese with holes in it, and even hearing people have holes. Hearing aids do not fill the holes, they only make us into a different piece of cheese. My hope is that society will accept each piece of cheese for its'...
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    Deaf Identity Theft

    Deafhood is just like Womanhood or Black Pride, it is the mental state of identifying with the embodiment we possess, instead of denying it, like dysconscious audism. Deafhood is the journey or process we go through in this life where we make sense of things on the basis of being Deaf as the...