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    Cochlear and bimodal hearing aid

    The Tmic does not bounce around at all. It enables you to use any type of headset like a normal person as well as benefitting from natural sound collection. Cochlear does not have this and the Kanso is like having an ear canal on the side of your head without the pinna for natural sound...
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    Has anybody liked their CIs?

    You cannot blame your CI. There is absolutely nothing stopping you from being who you want to be, never mind what anyone else wants you to be. If your CI isn't working for you and you prefer to be Deaf, why wouldn't you go that route? The perception that others want you to be hearing and that...
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    Has anybody liked their CIs?

    This is only you. None of that was brought up and if you'd step away from the assumptions you'd see that both of you agree on where the real issue lies. You're creating an argument out of Teacherofthedeaf's statement that they know CI users who are this and that. What they are is not...
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    Has anybody liked their CIs?

    You are correct, despite dissenting opinion on the thread. There is a difference between personal preferences / wearing habits and what professionals find to actually be beneficial. Music is one of those things that benefits from persistent wearing and rehab
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    This angers me

    Been there. When are you up for getting your CI? That may change everything for you in regards to the phone. Given your previous ability to use the phone, it's highly likely.
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    I Hate This. Do Ci Users Have This Same Issue?

    In the beginning, they are fatigued from the sensory overload. In the long run, communicating gets to be a much easier process leading to having more energy and generally being happier.
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    Insurance Companies Suck

    The only people running around claiming CI's are marketed as a cure are those that run in Deaf circles that are fueled by ignorance and paranoia. No professional entity at any level of the CI process claims it is a cure, whether at the Cochlear Implant Center or the manufacturer. The fact is...
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    For Those With A Ci

    Yes, it is normal. As you have been told: you have post-surgical swelling. The swelling will disappear as the weeks and months go by. The voltage is temporarily high to achieve a connection between the implant and processor through the swelling, resulting in poor battery life. Do not shave...
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    New To Ci...what Is Normal?

    Sound cutting out is usually the cable, but it can also be the programming. It's also possible Auto-Ultrazoom was enabled, though that really isn't recommended for a newly activated individual at all. How many mapping appointments have you had?
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    Beginning The Process For Ci

    Being a microbiologist does not require hearing. It's a fairly ideal profession that does not require constant assistance in the way of interpreters or devices other than what is normally used in the job. Her point isn't even that you need a CI to be a Doctor. She feels that the ability to...
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    Beginning The Process For Ci

    This is too ironic. You've completely failed to comprehend ECP's response to DeafNerdMommy. She was not pointing the finger at her, but rather agreeing with and using her statement in reference to your problematic attitude. There is no "ECP vs DeafNerdMommy."
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    Cochlear Implants And Deaf Culture

    Separatist. I do not think you know that that means. As for "watch their eyes go wide with terror that I might start signing".... that is bizarre. If your language is sign language and it's the only way you have to communicate, there is nothing wrong with that. If your approach is...
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    Cochlear Implants And Deaf Culture

    CI Community? You mean people who come from various backgrounds that happen to have a CI? So you are claiming Deaf Studies does not focus on Deaf Culture and is inclusive of "Grandma" or does it focus on Deaf Culture? Me pointing out there are other types of deaf people is not "me, me, me."...
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    Cochlear Implants And Deaf Culture

    While this is a forum with deaf people, it is a forum of deaf people with different backgrounds. Your survey assumes too much with questions asking you to numerically rate the the impact CIs have on deaf culture with no option for: "I don't give a shit." That is not to be rude.... it's to...
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    Choosing a cochlear implant brand

    The Phonak ComPilot is still the streamer used today. The neckloop provides the connection to the processor. While Resound's system does not use a loop, it still must be near your body for reliable streaming to the hearing device and it's comparable product to the ComPilot, the PhoneClip+...