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    11 Years as a Deaf Educator Didn't Prepare Me...

    Hang in there... a deaf child is a gift from god... and I'm not a terribly religious person!
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    I have a question about dreams. My young son is deaf and I now try to see almost everything from the deaf perspective just so I can try to understand him. I was at a workshop where the speaker was discussing questioning techniques for students and he went off on a tangent and began telling us...
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    Deaf Child Area

    Thank you Thank you everyone for your positive replies. I like the idea of keeping it up for now and perhaps removing it when he is a little older and road wise. By that time I will probably even be able to ask him. As far as the sign looking like the other sign, if you actually saw...
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    Deaf Child Area

    I have a question. My son, almost 4, is profoundly deaf. My mother, without my consent, looked into having 2 Deaf Child Area signs posted on the street right near our house. I have mixed feelings about this. I am working very hard on street safety with him, but, if he does run into the...
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    Childs behavior

    similar situation I have a similar situation at my house. Only we did not discover my son's deafness until he was over 2 1/2 years old. He now has cochlears and is significantly delayed with speech. We used to have many of the same battles. As soon as we found out he was deaf we began...
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    3 year old with cochears

    Thank you for all of the advice. I will talk to his audiologist. But, I am not sure if that is it. It seems to be more of a control thing... I will keep plugging away! In the mean time we will continue to learn sign language. He is SO cute when he signs!
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    Does you guys have any trouble sleeping at night?

    my son My 3 year old son is profoundly deaf and sleeps like a champ... all night... since he was a tiny baby. I would certainly challenge that statement!
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    3 year old with cochears

    I have a profoundly deaf 3 year old son with cochlear implants. He was activiated about 4 months ago. Getting him to wear his cochlears has always been a challenge, but, once they are on, he seldom takes them off. The last 2 weeks have been beyond challenging. We can't get him to wear them...