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    purple smartVP

    I just did that and it doesn't work. How do you get Wifi connected?
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    Did P3 flasher works with nTouch for Mac?

    I was wonder if P3 flasher works with nTouch for Mac? Since Sorenson never notify me about flasher.
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    Snap! Come get your old Ojo!

    Same with me I found my old i2eye Videophone in storage I got it from CSD long time ago. I wonder if I can return it because I don't want it anymore.
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    No Disability Services for Adult Schools!

    Yeah, I am looking into it. That why I am trying getting a petition once I sue their asses I can show petition so Judge can order them to provide disability service without budget crisis cutting excuse.
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    No Disability Services for Adult Schools!

    Thank you! Also, please spread petitions!
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    No Disability Services for Adult Schools!

    Hello Everyone, I am setting up Petition for School district to tell them to keep Disability Service Program open even there budget crisis. Because there is no Disability Service for adult schools in Los Angeles Unified School District. Here what happen is I went to one of Adult Schools in...
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    Question about SSDI Benefits For baby

    Wow, I didn't know that SSDI could go that far! I can't image if SSI require same thing it could make everyone who depend on SSI fussy! In other hand it good thing because it could push them find job! Also it bad thing because we need money to save up for other important stuff than clothes, food...
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    New to VP - Need help on HOW I use this...and a few basic questions

    I looked at this topic that I posted about six years ago and I laughed at myself for making fool out of myself. Because for six years I learned so much about internet and computers and I know how to fix the firewall and how switch works! I also remember what happens when the installer gave me...
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    United Healthcare pays for HAs thanks to ADA

    Nice! But what about an interpreter? I have that insurance!
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    My GF still hangs out with her ex

    I am experience same thing! I have been dating with my girlfriend for one year and 5 month! I live in my own apt with my roommate and my girlfriend live with roommate and ex-boyfriend but they make kid together. This have been happening since March. My girlfriend tell me that she sick of her...
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    What was the last thing you regret purchasing?

    I regret order Charter! They sucks! But I am getting U-Verse this tuesday!
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    2 VP-200 Call/Receive Work in One IP?

    I have heard about that! But one problems over here in Riverside, California. My hearing roommate has Dish Network set up thru her Cable cord. So no Cable Service in this house so we depend on AT&T DSL! I has other deaf roommate who is my friend we wants share same internet without paying for...
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    New P3

    Nah, I want real program for mac. My computer is too old for VMware or Dual Boot I got my macbook in late 2005.
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    New P3

    where is p3 for mac????
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    do you love tivo?

    I have TiVo. I loving it! I wish TiVo HD support Dishnet!