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    Feeling closed in, lonely, a bit sad

    Ditto, Ive just started the month free trial of netflix, so Ive been binging... but when IM not doing that, like you IM cleaning the house. I recently moved to AZ and it's been over 100 degrees for 3 months straight, and I swear my two cats are trying to get NAKED! So, even though I vacuum just...
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    New and wanting friends

    New here... and new to Arizona, where I recently moved to escape the high cost of living in California where I was born and raised. So, I bought a tiny home, and moved it here to AZ with my two cats and my pittie, and I havent met a single other Deaf person since Ive been here. And with...
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    World of Warcraft Deaf, hoh, interpeters player recuiting

    Hi! I wish... but I'm Horde... I cant imagine switching factions. I do have a lvl 120 mage who is alliance, but its on Duskwood server. But with cross faction raiding and pvp, I could play with people on that toon. Though my real love is healers. My main is a resto druid, and I play a resto...
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    World of Warcraft Deaf, hoh, interpeters player recuiting

    Im so bummed to see that your guild is Alliance side. Ive been playing WOW since vanilla, but all my characters except one are horde-side. My BattleNet id is Hairlarious#1151 add me, I'd love to be friends with any other Deaf wow players. Maybe you have horde alts and we can play together...