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    Mabel in the house!

    Welcome Hi Mabel, Welcome to AD...hope you enjoy it here! A.
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    HOH girl with relationship problems

    :) Lol...well said :)
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    Hello from Toronto, On :)

    Hey Welcome...hope you have a great time here!
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    New to All Deaf

    I bid you welcome...from one Canadian to another :)
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    2011-12 N.H.L. season...

    Impressive playoff run... Congrats to the L.A. Kings on their impressive playoff run this year. They surely did not play like what was expected from an 8th seed. While I'm tempted to say that they steamrolled over everyone (note: they didn't- that honour still belongs to the 1988 Edmonton...
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    My Husband passed away.

    My condolences.
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    Who is single here?

    ... Single here too. I guess I haven't yet met the right girl yet :(
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    Input for work!

    ... Does it have to be an alliteration (i.e. each word starting with "F")? I was thinking you could inject some creativity into it a bit: i.e. "La Rêverie" or "Atomic Oasis" ...or keep it simple and use a one word title: i.e. "Euphorie" :dunno:
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    M-Disc is a DVD made out of stone that lasts 1,000 years

    *mind flutters to a future reality* (lol) If you all will allow for a brief interlude of optimism here.....what if we use Kryptonite data crystals in the near future instead? :lol: Impossibly massive bits of information could very well be encoded into these crystals using lasers and/or light...
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    2011-12 N.H.L. season...

    New Jersey vs Los Angeles Should be an interesting match-up. "Brodeur vs Quick" is already expected to shape up to be a rather impressive goaltender's duel.....the veteran and the newcomer. While not as much of a ratings draw due to the Rangers bowing out, this should be a decent example...
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    HBO: Game of Thrones

    Hmm... Whoa, I can't believe no one has posted in this thread at all. This is a fantastic show! I would go so far as to say it's one of the best on television right now. The political intrigue between all of the houses are set up very well. In addition, the cinematography and dialogue...
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    Input for work!

    Err.. I'm not a girl...but upon reading your post....I thought of "Foxy Femmes Friday"? A bit much? :dunno2:
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    Unofficial AllDeaf Map - Post Your Location!

    Hey there... I'm just north of Toronto :)
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    Hello from near Toronto

    Hi there... I had signed up quite a while back...but lost the link to this site and couldn't for the life of me, figure out what it Thankfully i've found it :lol: Anyways, I was born deaf but wear a hearing aid. I haven't yet learnt ASL but am open to picking it up in the...