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    You’re close. January 2. I love my family and friends but there are times they just don’t understand. I’ve signed for a long time and college was great because everyone else understood it too (majored in Deaf Studies). But now I’m not involved with anything and no one signs. It’s just so much...
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    Thank you! It’s so much easier talking to someone who understands even if it’s just small things.
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    I’m Amy. I’m 32/f and I live in MD. I am Deaf but live in the “hearing world”. I would love to make a friend just to chat with. Text, video chat. Just someone who can relate. Hope to chat soon!
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    Look deaf friend n open relationship!

    Hi I’m Amy! I’m a lesbian and I a good relationship but always interested in finding new friends if any of you want to video chat!
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    Ear molds

    I have worn hearing aids for 12 years. Different kinds. Had them replace and redone. Just went in to order new ones today. The audi did an impression really deep down. Then it wouldn’t come out. She was pulling and tugging. Hurt really bad and I expressed that. She looked in the ear that hurt...
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    No each language and country has their own sign language as well. British sign language BSL. French. Spanish.
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    HOH/deaf friends

    Hello there
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    Other Public Deaf Ed/Special Ed Teachers?

    I’m not 100% positive but I’m just north of DC. We have people speak Russian on a regular basis around here. Language is so important.
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    Other Public Deaf Ed/Special Ed Teachers?

    I complete agree. I wish there was a dual language school. ASL and English. For both deaf and hearing students. Everyone equal. We have Spanish dual language programs around here.
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    Other Public Deaf Ed/Special Ed Teachers?

    Very true. I e had kids of all developmental ranges that I’ve worked with. I’ve found that deaf still attempt to communicate better with severely disabled than hearing try to.
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    Using an interpreter

    I just went to the eye doctor today. No interpreter. I had my hearing aids and thought it would be easy...then she dialated my eyes. And I couldn’t see anything. It was all blurry. I lost my ability to add the visual cues to my minimal hearing. It ended up okay but I definitely had to speak up...
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    I’m late deafened and find myself not being able to identify with either hearing or deaf world. Anyone else feel the same? Trying to find my place.

    I feel this same way. I can't use a phone anymore because my hearing has gotten progressively worse. I have just applied for ZVRS so I can be more independent. I have been compensating with lip reading my whole life so that gotten easy but as I've gotten older I tend to get frustrated with...
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    I am deaf and live in Baltimore. I would like to meet people in Baltimore/DC area to chat with and eventually go to deaf events. I am self conscious about my signing because I don't use it much but can understand most sign and produce it as well, maybe just a little slow :)
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    I know there are a lot of Deaf in DC. I would like to find people to chat with and hopefully meet up and go to some deaf events in the area. I'm actually in Baltimore but DC is easily accessible. I'm not against
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    Using an interpreter

    I have never used an interpreter for the doctor because I'm afraid of this. I basically have my doctor write everything and I take it home and discuss it with my partner and email my doctor back if I have any questions.