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    Hi everyone! :)

    Not bad. Had a migraine today but otherwise fine
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    "i'm a little bit deaf"....

    people do this with ADHD and dyslexia too:( drives me nutz
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    Do you have a service dog for the deaf?

    Service dogs cost an insane amount to train, and when you buy one, you are paying back a fraction of the price it took to train that dog. For the service dog to qualify as such, it has to do tasks that mitigate your disability. Service dogs are more work than the average pet, and you have to...
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    Taking a games...

    ...*sigh* I hate football. It's a flag. A well designed, symbolic flag. I will bet you 5$ every person here has broken the flag code at least once if they live in the USA, and that is just as disrespectful. Except, this has more meaning that a cute fourth of July outfit, It's a protest that is...
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    Person Below Me

    Pool, unless I'm sore and aching, then hot tub. TPBM Danger Noodle or Nope Rope? (for some reason no one ever picks nope rope {talking about alt name for a snake} i like nope rope)
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    Person Below Me

    Ski TPBM Snakes or spiders?
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    Chest binding

    Your welcome. Binders constrict the chest (duh) much like corsets did in the Victorian era, that's part of why ladies fainted so much back then. It restricts your ability to take deep breaths because your body has to fight against something to expand, and that can become an issue for oxygen...
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    Chest binding

    DO NOT. I REPEAT, DO NOT use ace bandages to bind. Even if you are careful ace bandages can break your ribs and cause some major medical problems, it is incredibly dangerous. Ace bandages are meant to immobilize joints, they get tighter with any movement so you don't twist your ankle or wrench...
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    Hi everyone! :)

    Ello, how are you?
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    Hi, I'm Annie. I'm 19, I'm a writer and I work in child care. I'm learning ASL (or trying to anyway. Google images and YouTube cant tell me everything) and I'm hoping to make friends as well.
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