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    Name Sign Systems
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    Name Sign Systems

    Nontraditional name signs always kind of bother me...
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    Can HOH genuinely identify as Deaf?

    I'm completely deaf (+120db) on my right side, and have fluctuating moderate hearing loss on my left. I also have APD. Medically/audiologically, I "function" as Hoh, but culturally I am Deaf.
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    Do you have children? are they deaf?

    While I sort of understand what you mean ...I'm going to be blunt: if you aren't prepared to have a child that may have health issues etc, I'd strongly suggest waiting on becoming parents. No amount of testing or planning can ensure you have a "perfect" child.
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    Hoh noob, looking for advice adjusting to the new lifestyle

    You need to see a proper Audiologist. GPs and ENTs aren't able to do proper testing to determine how much hearing loss you have. You should have been sent to an Audiologist when they first determined you had *any* hearing loss.
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    New here and deaf since birth.

    Where in Canada are you?
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    Obtaining long term disability benefits from employer insurance company

    What type of work do you currently do, how close are you to retirement age (55-65), and what db loss do you have?
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    What is the most powerful shake alarm clock?

    I found it worked better under the mattress about where my shoulderblades are (or mid-lower back)
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    What is the most powerful shake alarm clock?

    Where are you locating the puck ?
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    Best alert system??

    Sonic Alert
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    Hearing deaf sexuality

    I'd suggest getting Signs of Sexual Behaviour and going through it together. If there are different signs, have him show you and then make sure you are certain you understand what they mean. If you are going to enter into a sexual relationship together, you need to be able to know how to...
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    Why are deaf people against those with hearing learning asl?

    I live in Canada, where we learn both English and French in school ... we learn proper grammar from the start and it's never an issue. Do people learning a second language make grammar mistakes occasionally because they flip languages? Yes - but it's certainly not how it's taught, nor learned.
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    Why are deaf people against those with hearing learning asl?

    I use both daily. He can certainly be on equal ground in written English, but it's also important that he learns ASL as it's intended (meaning ASL grammar etc, as a language separate from English). It's really a matter of early, intentional literacy. Encouraging pre-reading long before they...
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    Looking for help with a school project!!

    Since part of the point of this is to use ASL, why don't you make a video asking the questions and ask for video replies?
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    Why are deaf people against those with hearing learning asl?

    I like to know hearing people are learning ASL - provided they're actually learning ASL and understanding that it's a language, and not some odd novelty or party trick. For some reason, people want to take ASL grammar and make it "like English" - which is about as logical as taking Mandarin...