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    Nucleus 7

    I don't have my proceesor yet but will be getting it next Wednesday!
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    I second Sprint IP. Basically, it allows you to text message in real time with hearing people on the phone. Your messages will be relayed through a relay operator, and the hearing person's messages will be transcribed for you.
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    New! frustrated lip reader

    I would think the legislative sessions are required to be accessible for you. Could you get them to provide a note-taker for you, rather than the org you work for? The government is generally pretty progressive about providing accomodations.
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    Hearing aids and familial tremors.

    The earmold style she has right now are domes with an RIC (Reciever in Canal) Yes, the audiologist can make an earmold for those. They will take an impression of her ear at Costco and mail them off and a week or two later they will get the earmolds in. I think they are something like $80 a pair.
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    Do you have earmolds or domes? I tried domes and they were so itchy to me. My mom tried domes too and they drove her crazy with the itchies, so we both have earmolds.
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    I'm scared please help

    When you are 19 it's easy to feel like you are not worthy and will be rejected or not accepted. I remember having those feelings very strongly at that age (I am 35 now) but you are describing exactly how I felt at that age up until I was maybe 25 or so. If I were able to go back in time and...
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    Looking for voice-to-text solution for an employee

    I wonder if you can contact someone at the FCC about this. Here is their info: Hearing people are able to get seperate work and home phone numbers. If Deaf people cannot do the same thing, that's not providing equal access.
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    Do you feel embarrassed when wearing hearing aids?

    Myears by AmputeeOT posted Aug 23, 2017 at 2:58 PM Nobody is going to tell me how to decorate my ears!
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    Do you feel embarrassed when wearing hearing aids?

    My hearing aids are purple and orange. So no embarassment here! When I went to go for a CI eval recently the audiologist suggested I get beige aids with brown coils so they would be less noticable. LOL! That's the LAST color combo I would pick.
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    Looking for voice-to-text solution for an employee

    Sprint IP relay can be used on a desktop computer. You can set up your VOIP to forward to their sprint IP number.
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    Has anyone read this new study?

    Except that a lot of Deaf kids who have no access to spoken language or signed language and learn written English only end up language deprived and aren't fluent in ANY language: written, spoken or signed. So actually, no. Also, SEE and PSE aren't languages.
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    Has anyone read this new study?

    Not to mention there are countless studies on the benefits of bilingualism. So why is it that being bilingual is such a benefit to the minds of hearing people but not to Deaf people? Are our brains really that different? ASL isn't a crutch that inhibits the hearing world's...
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    Lip-Readers: Which words look identical/very similar?

    From my office today: Julie/Jewel Jess/Jazz
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    Hello - cochlear implant january, 2017

    I don't have a CI (getting one at the end of this month) I have musical tinnitus! It sounds like wind chimes. I also have the regular kind of tinnitus and exploding head syndrome. I actually like the wind chime sound. I don't like the other ones.