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    Hi. DM me if you'd like to access your old account.

    Hi. DM me if you'd like to access your old account.
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    New here

    Hello and welcome aboard, Kelsea! :wave:
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    Need a device for deaf

    @Georgewes I contacted the good folks at Diglo (aka Harris Communication) for you and this is what they said: We absolutely have a system that is pretty simple to set up. The Sonic Alert HomeAware system has a base unit (the receiver) and it has a built in audio sensor that will hear a smoke...
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    Right now is a great time to buy, that's for sure. I'd just invest my money in a Vanguard mutual fund and forget about it.
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    Why is it difficult to get good deaf friends?

    Good friends aren't hard to find, but "close" good friends, now that's a different story. I think you'll have better luck if you try to find someone who has some things in common with you.
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    Wow! Been a long time! I joined here in 2006

    Hi and welcome back, Shel! Glad to see you're doing well in life. :)
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    Hello and welcome aboard, Rachael! :wave:
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    Hello I am alumni here

    Yes, I'm still around. :wave:
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    Hello I am new

    Hello and welcome aboard, Kristina! :wave:
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    ASL Practice Buddies on Zoom

    Hi there! If you're new to American Sign Language (ASL) and would like to have someone to practice with, I'm hosting a Zoom meeting every Tuesday at 7:00 PM EST. If you're interested, please DM me and provide your email address so I can send you more info on my ASL lessons and send you a Zoom...
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    Hello again :)

    Hello there and welcome back! :wave:
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    Hello, again!

    Hello and welcome back! :wave:
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    Hey Guys

    Hello and welcome aboard, Eleanora! :wave:
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    I know a little ASL but I want to learn more

    Hello and welcome aboard! :wave: Hope you find someone to practice ASL with.
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    Hello from Canada!

    Hello and welcome aboard, Lesli! :wave: