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    Petition to Apple concerning Accessibility for HOH / Blind / and other hidden disabilities

    I realize this is a deaf forum, and for many of you synthetic voices are irelevant to you. However many of us who still have some residual hearing and those of us in the greater disability community who have vision support needs, synthetic voices are very useful for access to literature and for...
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    What is the most powerful shake alarm clock?

    This, but it has an alarm and it vibrates :p. My favorite way of waking up is heat and light; this is the way our body has evolved to wake up. I had this realization from living out of a tent for almost half a year. Tents become a sauna/steam room if you sleep in a spot that doesn't have...
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    Seeking high quality wearable wireless microphone transmitter

    I'm looking for a high-quality microphone transmitter that a lecturer can wear unobtrusively like a lapel mic or an earpiece boom mic that leaves the ear cavity open and unobstructed. The mic will need to connect wirelessly to my iPhone 6s via Bluetooth. The transmitter to receiver technology...
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    What is the most powerful shake alarm clock?

    Agreed, under the pillow is best for external alarm pucks. You might consider using an Apple Watch. Can't say if it will be strong enough for you, but using the built-in App Alarm has worked great for me.
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    Best writing implement

    I lost my Boogie Board Jot 4.5 after awhile, or maybe someone liked it enough to swipe it, who knows. I still use the Boogie Board Sync though. Works great for tutoring English or in situations where using a laptop to type up notes would be frowned on. I liked the form factor a lot and found it...
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    The biggest motivator for me in possibly using Z5 products is being able to have p2p calls with hearing people, and for excellent 1 line VCO. Does the Z70 deliver on that? I would be upset if VCO were not a global option. Ideally, I would have it on for all calls and have an easy way to mute and...
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    Made for iphone ha work with apple watch?

    Does anyone have a hearing aid that works with the apple watch? I have a 38 mm series 2 in aluminum. I'm on the market for new hearing aids, and was just wondering if anyone had hearing aids, or knew or a hearing aid that could do that. Syncing well with the iPhone itself is more important of...
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    Teaching On Glide

    I've been teaching someone using glide for about a month now. What a coincidence to come across this. My only issue with glide (& Snapchat for that matter) is that there are no clients for desktop computers like laptops… When I'm working on the computer it is a huge hassle to have to deal with...
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    Good Audiologists In Santa Barbara?

    Hey everyone, I'm in Santa Barbara for the next month or so, I need hearing aids and fast, can anyone recommend audiologist in Santa Barbara or within an hour from here? Especially audiologists that are familiar with the Resound line of hearing aids.
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    I read reviews on the apple app store saying the resound was pretty glitchy streaming direct from the iPhone, like changes in settings not sticking, having to pause music before making changes to settings etc. What has been your esperience? Even with the glitches I'm still under the impression...
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    8 Interview Questions You Might Not Know Are Illegal

    Thanks for sharing, good info.
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    Best writing implement

    @ Bottesini: Sorry! I didn't get email replies for this thread for some reason. But yeah, it just snaps off. You're not the only one who thought it would break. I looked at it closer and it made sense to me, although it is a really unusual design. @ Southpaw I might be interested in your...
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    Best writing implement

    @SouthPaw: Thanks for the offer , but I bought the boogie board sync 9.7 and a boogie board Jot 4.5. I got the sync 9.7 as an open box deal on amazon for $73.78, it mentioned cosmetic defects, hopefully it won't be noticeable. The Jot 4.5 was cheap enough at $17.96 I read that with the sync...
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    Best writing implement

    I'm looking for something to write back and forth with hearing people. A little backstory. I am partially deaf and wear two hearing aids. I've noticed that 99% of hearing people cannot understand that I cannot hear them even though I talk well, so they just keep talking to me which is...
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    Little Flower Community wants you! (Rochester NY area)

    Bebonang, good choice, I hope you and tribe do lots of outreach to influence the misguided anglo saxon (which includes lots of hippies). That picture with the beer wine and cookies were taken at a monthly public potluck at our founder's house. We seldom have beer/wine or junk food stuff at our...