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    What if......

    What if this forums days are numbered?
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    I'm done with this forum. It's not as much fun as it used to be.

    I'm done with this forum. It's not as much fun as it used to be.
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    My story about being hard of hearing

    Story took too long, do you have cliff's notes version?
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    Burn out?

    Great to hear!
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    Sara's surgery news!!

    The links don't work.
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    Burn out?

    Yes having you meet his family is a big deal. Do you think he's introducing you to his family so he can show off his future ex-girlfriend? "Hey Mom, check out this loser, I'm gonna dump her in a few weeks, she won't see it coming"
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    Hurricane harvey

    Gofundme site is coming soon.
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    Burn out?

    I'm not a mind reader but from what you're describing it does sound like he likes you but he's just doing a really bad job in the relationship. The fact he texts you throughout the day and then blows it in-person tells me he probably has social anxiety issues. If I were you, see if you can...
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    Hurricane harvey

    I'm bracing for the impact, gas prices might jump as high as 7 cents. I can't live like this anymore.
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    Hi! i'm hearing and my fiance is deaf, please help!

    I am sure happy that I am deaf so that I can ensure that fiances of deaf people can keep their ASL skills sharp.
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    What has happened to all the ad members? :(

    They got snatched up by all the new people looking for caring relationships
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    Thank you!

    Oh and welcome Leah! As you can see we are a friendly bunch. :rofl:
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    Thank you!

    I love how this intro thread turned into an argument over grammar.
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    Thank you!

    That's an incomplete sentence. It should be "Talk crap about me let's see you teach English classes since everyone here is a scholar!"
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    Thank you!

    She better not see that!