WoW Deaf Guild


Blood and honor!!!
Sorry, I played horde, and when I get back, I'll play again. I am on doomhammer. A BE 80 lock and a cow/tree 80
I tried running WoW, but the game will not load at startup.. only right at initial installation. Oh well. Guess I need to get a better video card.
I'm looking for guild that caters to deaf and hearing impaired mixed with hearings, willing to transfer, got few lvl 80s including my fav class a restoration druid, anyone have suggestion?
So this old posted and anyway Golden Silence is gone because of falling apart. So some of them Deaf player tranfered to spread out to diff server when that happen falling apart.

I dunno to bring them back and i might going to start one up for the Horde side. im not too sure which server will it be. My Blood Elve Paladin had be retired to Tank for 4.5 years, then Catacylsm is out for me to roll my new Goblin Hunter on Hydraxis, US server.
Raikon316, Golden Silence has been "rezzed" (revived) a few months ago and is active now. The guild just hit level 9 recently. You're welcome to pay us a visit if you'd like to. :) We're still on Kael'thas server (US), Alliance faction.

While all players in Golden Silence are deaf, we are open to deaf-friendly players (meaning, any hearing people who have interest in deaf/deafness or have open mind). Interpreters, CoDAs (children of deaf adults), hearing friends/relatives of deaf people, students of ASL, etc. are very much welcome. :)

Feel free to send me a PM if you have any questions. Thanks! :wave:
Just to give an update/heads up to any wow players out there, there is a guild on server Dunemaul on horde side called Unrivaled Titans, its made up mostly of deaf and hard of hearing players, we do not use vent. Currently we are raiding firelands and are 7/7 normal, 3/7 HM, looking for more members of the deaf community to join us to expand into 25 man raiding from 10 man raids. Regarding Golden Silence most of the members have merged into Unrivaled Titans and is mostly just a casual guild for now. Again the server is Dunemaul on US servers, horde side, guild name is Unrivaled Titans, feel free to check us out!