World of Warcraft Deaf, hoh, interpeters player recuiting

Welcome to my world (crowd control), "MAGE TABLE," and portals. lol
I will admit that I'm one of the ones that are like... "omgfreefoodyay!"

But I generally do not ask for them. I will definitely take if offered though. I <3 free food when healer mana is so nerfed.
I've taken an extended break from WoW, but if there were a raiding guild actually making progress in the current raids that does NOT use voice chat, I would be seriously tempted to come back.

I was a fully geared 85 resto shammy before I quit. :)
I just installed wow starter edition, free for week or play for free to 20 level. Can anyone walk me through it? First time and am newbie. Add me on steam, chump01284

I'm Kryz and I play on Steamwheedle Cartel Server (US-RP). I have 10 85's which I'm aware that some people would say that I have no life. -_- I have 3 85's I used the most which is currently geared up from Raid Finder (ilvl over 390ish). Two of my toons are healer (horde druid resto - Pakali and alli shaman resto - Kuuro (which means deaf in Finnish)) and one is DPS (alli druid boomkin - Gileth). Feel free to message me any time if interested to play. :)

I honestly really want to raid but I'm only able to raid casually, though. I'm looking for deaf guild to join and possibly transfer my resto horde druid over. I'm looking at Dunemaul but I'm not certain about the deaf guild on Silvermoon which I would need more information. Probably more leaning toward Dunemaul but I would need to talk with someone from there, of course. :)
looking for wow players

Hello I'm the guild master of Silence Legends on Kael'thas server, lvl 1 small(just a few on same time, with 20ish toons) would love to have more players, mostly casuals, my guild is pretty laidback, I like everyone to have good times, come and check it out! any questions or need invite, ask for yeya and owlyjcookie, thanks!!
Anyone on Eldre'Thalas? I am in a guild on there, it's not a deaf guild but if you are already on the server and just looking for a friendly and casual leveling guild that doesn't use Vent, we pretty much rock. PM me and I will give you info, or just PM me if you want a friend to chat with while you play.

Is it true what I read, that you can now get a new toon up to level 85 in a week or two?
Easily if you are willing to put for time into the grind. It's easier if you have guild perks and BoA.

10% xp from guild, then a % each (either 5 or 10) from helm, cloak, chest, shoulders, and there's a ring out there from the Kaluak fishing derby if you win it.

But it's doable if you don't have it as well
Thanks eirlys. I casually mentioned it in conversation and two friends' ears perked up at the thought of the grind being (mostly) gone.
I have avoided WoW for like six years, since 2006-ish. All my old colleagues gave in and went off to go play it.

We all used to play FFXI back then and got on some elite linkshells and endgame stuff. That game was totally a grind, you could never get EXP without a party and soloing was impossible.
Yeah, I've read about some of the Japanese MMOs being horrible grinds. Isn't there one of the FF ones where you only get four quests a day, that will take half an hour altogether to complete?

It's a shame the games themselves are poor because the artwork and character design is absolutely astonishing. Even the throwaway character made by a reviewer was full of personality and intrigue in the screenshots - especially compared to the lumpen characters in New Vegas or Skyrim.

The only game I've seen that produces nicer looking characters is EvE Online's amazing character creator.
I've been playing Tera a lot lately. It's got that Korean MMO look (aion, lineage 2, etc) without the horrible grind. I'd say with very casual playing (I play about 2 hours a day 5 days a week maaaybe) you could get to lvl 60 max in about a month. The characters are beautiful also.
I currently play EVE and Wurm, I don't have time for any other MMOs right now as none would get the attention they deserve. Maybe in future I'll come join you guys in something...

Also, I found a pic of that character from the FFXIV review. She's awesome, I love the look of determination on her face.
Yeah, FFXI was one of those games where you could only do certain events or quests based on a timelimit. I don't know how much it's changed now. It's been at least 3-4 years since I last touched it, but back when I was playing to get to max CLVL it could take at least 3-4 weeks of hardcore game time and depending on the pickups you got. One of the unique things in FFXI was you could play with the players in Japan, so I learned and picked up a lot of Japanese language and phrases playing with them after awhile - taking some language courses back then also helped communicate whereas the usual NA/USA player cannot communicate properly and had to limit themselves to english-only parties.

Dynamis was pretty similar to raids, you could only do it once every 72 hours. Doing sky gods, HNM's - I guess that is similar to Illidan or the spider boss in old skool WoW - took huge man party/alliances of over 20-30 people, etc.

I guess the only feature I would miss out on is PvP as FFXI never really had it. It was too cooperative - I'd see my friends play WoW back then and saw how fun it was to invade or attack either alliance/horde but also all that griefing must suck. I bet a few of you PK'ed chinese farmers... ;)

By the time I was done with FFXI, I had around ~500 days logged on my character over the course of 4-5 or so years? It was fun, but too addicting/controlling to keep yourself up to date.
Im so bummed to see that your guild is Alliance side. Ive been playing WOW since vanilla, but all my characters except one are horde-side.

My BattleNet id is Hairlarious#1151 add me, I'd love to be friends with any other Deaf wow players. Maybe you have horde alts and we can play together sometimes.


We current having 7 deaf players and hoh even coda players in silvermoon server.. Guild name is
Dawn of the Northrend, is looking to expand more.

Any deaf who is wow addict or players.. feel free contact me anytime we're trying to expand more deaf, hoh, interpeters, coda, hearings all in generals to expand. :wave:

Feel free get ahold of me anytime

current our guild have almost 40 members.. :)

feel free log to silvermoon server to check out,

my character name is Swiftbladê
add me and holler me up!
Hi! I wish... but I'm Horde... I cant imagine switching factions. I do have a lvl 120 mage who is alliance, but its on Duskwood server. But with cross faction raiding and pvp, I could play with people on that toon. Though my real love is healers. My main is a resto druid, and I play a resto shaman as well.

Battlenet Hairlarious#1151 but add me... we can always chat at least.


Hello Trish!,my name is elvira, you been play toon in silvermoon? cool i was used play in silvermoon for DK human 85 lvl ally. so i decide transfer to dunemaul-us joined to Unrivaled titans guild. becuase unique for deaf raider in UT guild. if you interesting raider and pvper just PST ME my toons Dk is darkvfrost and Pally is elvirarage. :cool2::deaf:
Heard that shadowlands is around the corner. Any deaf players looking forward to Wow Shadowlands. Was wondering is this thread still alive or not?? Just curious and trying my luck here!!