will you buy a captel 800i phones?


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Dec 18, 2006
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i wonder how many deaf and hard of hearing people will buy captel 800i phone this year? or your keep your model 200 captel phone? let all of us know our feelings about the captel phone ok
I think the people who don't want to pay for a phone line will probably switch to the 800i. The 800i is also much easier to read.
Sure! I'd like to have a CapTel 800i when it becomes available for purchase.

But what I'd like as a bonus is a built-in SIP (Session Initiated Protocol [note: won't work with Vonage/8x8 unless you went with "Asterisk"-friendly provider such as CallCentric as Vonage had increased the price of 500-minute plan from $15 to $18 and 8x8 dropped the Freedom Choice 500 last Friday, which I was currently in before 8x8 switched me to unlimited]) that allows me just an Ethernet connection to the router, which eliminates having a separate phone adapter. Going with just a separate phone adapter with CapTel 800i is no big idea if you have two Ethernet connections and two unused AC outlet, but that'd be a mess for me. (Of course, some phone adapters, including HandyTone 486, do have a LAN Ethernet port, but I'm in for neat and cleaniness. :) )

Anyway, CapTel 800i is a really neat phone for displaying captions, and I might plan to interface this with my home-based software PBX (trixbox [Community Edition]).
For under $100... Nice! :)

Although the webpage says "limited time offer," I'm not sure how long that will last since I'm kind of strapped for money right now until my finances get back on control...