Unofficial AllDeaf Map - Post Your Location!

Tonight is my first night on here, and I am trying to figure out how to post on the map...but none of the links are working...can someone send me a link :/ I live in Kansas City Kansas and I am starting the ITP program in the fall. I thought I better start networking now :)
All deaf map link

I tried clicking the link but it keeps coming back with URL not found. :(
dont understand the map

I will have to find another deaf site i have tried to understand the map thing and its not working i live in delaware i am trying to find a deaf site not so complicated
Reno, NV. The other sin city and known as "The Biggest Littlest City In The World." Indeed, in the world.
Hello, I am new here, I am from Missouri and I am also deaf..
Hopes to meet some wonderful friends.
I grew up in Richmond, Virginia, first encountered the Deaf community in Storrs, CT, and am now looking to meet folks again now that I'm back in RVA!
I'm from....

i live in Gemona del Friuli, near Udine where is the football team "Udinese" :) , 150 km from Venice...
In my city is now famous also because OSCAR PISTORIUS come here... :)