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Nov 28, 2008
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I have thick walled tubing in my earmoulds which keeps coming out.

I wondered if anyone has any tips as to how I could get it to stay in without running off to the audiologist, who in the past has insisted on providing me with new earmoulds to solve this problem. I'm happy with my current moulds, if only the tubing would stay in them!

I've thought about using glue, but the NHS would probably complain if I glued the tubing in.
Errm, Well, it depends on how old your mould is. Sometimes older moulds hardens up/becomes very smooth and the hole could be too loose for the tube. Hence replacement of moulds, I think once a year is about right.

I always asks for new spare tubes to be sent with the new mould as my keeps getting hole at the bend.
djchur is from england, NHS should provide tubes for nothing with genuine reason.
my earmolds have metal pieces inside that keep tubes in place

I have same but in plastic. Odd that you got metal one, it's unheard of in UK.. I have not seen one person who has one!
i never knew earmolds could have that metal bit. all mine have always been a bit of a plastic ring glued on. interesting, very interesting
My tubing looks exactly like that pictured. You pull the tubing into the ear mold until you feel it snap into place, no glue. So where can I get replacement tubing like that?
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I did a "there you did it" job long time ago. I used a gas radio controlled car gas tube and used it as hearing aid tube, works great! It might be a tight fit for your aid.