The Lounge thread: Whatever you feel like......... Anything goes! Part XVIII

I am such an


Love it!!!!

I could see this for your avatar (if you get the urge to change it).
2 months and 1 day left until I visit the United States of America :thumb:
My name is on that list. But that only pertains to crazy cat woman.
My name's not on the list but my MIL's name is. :whistle:
And who decide which names belong on the list ? I know women that I think are crazy and their names are not on the list.
It's just for fun- I don't think there are any serious things out there that says X Y and Z are 'crazy' although I know a Melissa who is a different kind of crazy...

I've seen other lists with different names with the same meme of "These are names of crazy women".
It is 5:30 and still very light out. Love it. Finally I can go for walks after work.
I can't wait to get my doggie's pic painted by bbf 's dad . Her dad enjoys painting.
Was going to start a new thread with this, but I didn't think many of you guys would know who he was, but R.I.P. Sir Terry Pratchett :(