Stupid comments

You think that playing wonder women is fun or some thing your based in a hearing seeing person world were people think there above you because the have a sense that you don't and that they have gifted you there rights and privileges
When in reality we are not all equal and I bet if you were here you wouldn't be able to leave me alone either because every body enjoys talking a shit in a coffee cup
Not laugh at you but iam old and so is slavery grow up and live I. Reatliy the front you and other put up won't last for ever
Besides the popcorn chanle theere are those useing my head to talk to but really that another issue about ppeople in general I can't really take mine out (hearing aids )
I usually get "how do you drive?" The worst was when my grand daughter was born and her mom totally thought because I was deaf that I wouldnt be able to be alone with my grand daugther.
Sometimes it annoys me when people ask me how good can I hear especially when I said I'm deaf. Like...Deaf. COMPLETELY deaf. If I do have any hearing, I would say I'm HoH but...deaf is where you CAN'T hear shit AT ALL. lol