are ya guy ? Im not too sure...

HAHAHAHA! ! Whaatttt ? ? ? ?:dunno:



You are too funny!! I know how tutor you scarpbook! I can teach you! I former Creative Memories consultation (not right spelling). I still love scrapbooking my room is full lol!!!

I am happy I can help you!

Yeah, Im trying ! ! Lol.. I need ALOT of be patience... :eek3:

We can get together sometimes as soon... and teach me me me ! !

I'm a The Angel Company demonstrator and we often do stamping/scrapbooking days - I have one customer that does straightforward scrapbooking - she uses brightly colored, patterned paper as a background, crop the pictures to get the picture she wants to show, and just paste it to the paper. She doesn't do anything fancy - she will write the event, date and who was there...thats it.

Maybe that would work for you?

We do have some projects that may work for you - check in Projects.


BTW, I love stamping, scrapbooking, cardmaking and papercrafts!!!! Got questions, just ask me!!!

Oh cool... Ill check it.... Thanks for sharing ! ! !

I have a plm with scrapbook. I am not that creative! When I get some idea but I just get the 'dead end' idea. I couldn't do it. I suck. *sobbing*

But I do great with scrapbook papers with mod podge on cardboard boxes... you could buy those boxes from craft stores. Thats only thing i could related with 'scrapbook' papers. Its fun! Except I hate the mod podge stuck on my hand. Ew. *sticky*
Not always for females...Male can get involved. I have seen that on That's Clever show on HGTV and saw a guy did some scrapbooking...really making a cards. Neat!

Oh really ? ? wow...

Thanks for letting me know...:ty:

hi i love scrapbooking alot.. i collect scrap papers over 400 from travel wheww. i have a book with thousand scrap book store address from other states etcc i forget what name of book i have it in my storage.. i put scrap paper on scan and make creative with other software add like effect etcc on my own . look so awesome but i consider want all scrap papers put on book with pixs can show family and friends hmmmmmm....... good idea!! oh by the way sometime i order scrap papers from online too!!