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Nov 20, 2004
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I have some sad news to announce. Last Monday (1/4/2021) my dog Oliver/Ollie passed away. I miss him so much!
I have some sad news to announce. Last Monday (1/4/2021) my dog Oliver/Ollie passed away. I miss him so much!
Ollie will be with you always, In his eyes.
I know how you feel, my dog Munch passed away in my arms, after 17 great years in the San Juan Mountains ( 34 years ago), and she looked up at me and said, "I Love You and Put Me to Work", like all dogs do in my opinion.
I still have a picture of Munch on my wall, as I'm sure you have pictures you can remember Ollie by.
If you can go to a good shelter and take a book, some dogs will actually sit and listen to you read to them, and their eyes light up.
I am sorry to hear your loss. Its tough to take on that kind of news.

Lost a shepard once long ago. I recall we bonded very well. Worked around horses and rode some in my lifetime, however one in particular was bonded with me. They say once in a lifetime you might have a horse that is yours in every way but money. (To buy etc) In some ways occasionally particpating in very tiny programs to help children its a blessing. A horse interaction usually has the power to have a child not to be isolated anymore and slowly come out into the world. Sometimes they KNEW that the kid is special (Which is my word for them having a soft spot in my heart) and they will be amazing in how they get through to the kid, particularly the shies and other problems that can isolate someone from real life and cause problems.

I have had many pets, and all of them were loved. However there was one in particular which happened to be a cat. It has spent almost three years in a shelter cage and axquired some challenges in mental health. (The cat usually had to eat next to the feces tray in one corner The State did not have the money for a good cage if such a misnomer exists. Took 6 months of country rural living to allow that cat to decompress and just be a cat. Have permission for pretty much anything. Except sleeping inside large terra cotta plant pots in top of the plants etc, food and other things carefully inested over time in terms of gardening.

Cat became part of usand one day it had passed away. That was about 9 years ago. I Should see if I can find a pet. But not just yet. You cannot try to replace a cat or any pet for what it had blessed you with. I think I will have to stop here for now. A big strong trucker like little old me get a touch emotional when I consider the good things it has given us in life.
My condolences.