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Mar 8, 2003
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I got a question for you guys/gals from new york city. Where is a cheap place to live in NYC at a fairly safe neighborhood?
If you're lucky, you'll be able to get a one bedroom apartment with a crappy cramped kitchen with a messed up bathroom for 500 bucks per month.
The cheapest place in NYC would be a cardboard box! :laugh2:

Seriously, I don't know... I've never been to NYC.
*takes a peek in here* Hmm...guess it won't hurt to have a read and get ideas of where are the cheapest places in NYC should I go there for a holiday! ;)
I live near New York City by miles. I did some research to find an apartment in New York City for a school project. There are some better apartments around 500 bucks a month, I suggest you to find some from Yahoo!'s apt listing. You can rent an apt outside NYC like Hoboken or inside NYC like Staten Island. My cousin attending to F.I.T. in NYC and lives in an apt outside of NYC.
Well in the city... good luck!!! But think about long Island new york. Some areas are safer and plus you can allways take the Long island expressway to the city for transportation.... Just a thought
Nah, it's not gonna be fun if you have to take L.I.E. in the day time. It's a hell of traffic on the way to the city because almost EVERYONE is going to the city on that highway. Other than that, it is HARD to find an apartment building on Long Island (most of apt bdgs are for senior citzens only), or if you're willing to live in the basement of a house near Long Island RailRoad (aka L.I.R.R. an railroad that takes you to the city or around on LI). I recommend to look for some apartment in Queens, Bklyn, SI, or Westchester. They're more closer to Manhattan (depends on where you are in Westchester)
Cricket said:
kalboy- whats the purpose of living in new york city?
to go to school and work. I'm getting bored of my job in california and i miss my gf :o
perhaps you could check out the college I assume you're gonig to college in NYC- and check out their boards to see who renting etc... that kind of stuff or you could check out the website of the college maybe they have this classifieds stuff online too-
u might consider kissena blvd(queens) and Long Island. kissena blvd is the safest place ( i had stayed there and my friends are from LI) you can get a shared apts for around $500. It is very close to the subway# 7 and there is a LIRR from LI. Nearby NJ is also the safest place, but in the range of 700-1100