Jail time now possible if you have a fake service animal

i dont know She have no right leaving her dog unclean and walking in place where everybody eating. it might ruin everybody's appetite. She treated her dog like unclean homeless guy walking in that place.

Yup, you are right. In that condition the rights of having service animal can be revoked right on spot. There is language in the service animal rights law outlined that these animals shall be in control AT ALL times, shall not interference others in any way. It even mentioned if animal dumps in inappropriate location is not allowed. What that means is if a service dog decided to piss in McDonald, the manager reserves the right to kick that dog out immediately.
It looks like demand from for profit, private prison industries ask state to invent a new crime to increase more inmates and make more money.
I don't know about jailing people for this offense. I think a long community service sentence at an animal shelter and/or a serious fine would be better.

Your solution is a lot better than Floridan lawmakers who wrote a bill.
ya know, there are REAL bad people out there...murderers, rapists, pedophiles, let them sit in a prison cell and let smaller offenders do community service
I think that if we had a registration done by the disability office or maybe some kind of organization to make sure people are who they say they are and that they even need dogs. My brother has epilepsy and should have a service dog for when he falls on his face, or before. But it is a hassle from him to have one in oregon because there are so many fakes that people who need them are being kicked out of places

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