Im curious abt your opinion for dogs.

Which dogs do you think better?

  • American Eskimo

    Votes: 3 15.0%
  • Chihuahua

    Votes: 8 40.0%
  • Dachshund

    Votes: 2 10.0%
  • Jack Russell Terrier

    Votes: 4 20.0%
  • Manchester Terrier

    Votes: 1 5.0%
  • Pug

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Rat Terrier

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Shiba Inu

    Votes: 1 5.0%
  • Welsh Corgi, Pembroke

    Votes: 1 5.0%

  • Total voters
Liebling:-))) said:
It's hard for me vote which one because I like all dogs until Downing's post influence my decision...


I know Jack Russell terrior are hypericative dogs... Of course they are such darling dog.

Hahaha. thanks... :ty:
Health Risk/Problems/Basic Requirements

American Eskimo- are active and need a securely fenced yard in which to exercise. they do SHED, however twice weekly brushing will help keep sheeding under control. Protective of family and will bark at strangers, eager to please....

Chihuahua- a true lap dog, and will do well in small-sized home or apartment, weekly brushing is enough to control moderate shedding...loyal and devoted to owners. Avg Lifespan is 13 yrs. watch for luxated Patellar, hypoglycemia or open fontanel

Dachshund- require a moderate sized yard to excercise, weekly brushing will do for shorthaired. makes good family dog and watchdogs when stranger comes, barks at them... avg lifespan is 12 yrs. Watch for intervertbral disc disease, bloat, hypothryrodism, seizures and juneville cataracts, PRA

Jack Russell Terrier- energetic dogs that need room to run and play, weekly brushing will keep coat in shape,,,,bold and friendly but can be independent sometimes....loves to play. Avg lifespan is 12 yrs, watch for deafness, skin disorders, legg-perthes, lens luxation (eyes) and epilepsy.

Manchester Terrier- need a moderate sized large enough for adequate excercise, will do well in smaller home or apt w daily walks. weekly brushing will do. make good family companions, will bark at stranger, not aggressive watch dogs. Avg Lifespan is 13 yrs. watch for legg-perthes, von willebrand's disease.

Pug- do well in smaller homes or apts. need moderate excercise. can not be left outside too long in hot weather....weekly brushing will be fine. very happy and lively people oriented dog..Avg lifespan is 13 yrs... watch for allergies, demodex mange, breathing problems, pigmentary keratitis, PRA, cataracts, dry eye, epilepsy, hp dysplasia, luxated patellar, leggs perthes.

Rat Terrier- require enuff room to run and exercise. weekly brushing. are active and lively dogs, love to chase and hunt. watch for deafness, luxating patellas, alopecia, demodectic mange

Shiba Inu- active dog and requires securely fenced yard, weekly brushing. very suspcitious of strangers and more possessive than others....need early training to prevent for patellar luxation, ppm, distichiasis, corneal dystrophy, juvenile cataracts, pra, entropian, hip dysplasia, and allergies.

Welsh Corgi- requires daily excercise, weekly brushing...friendly and shy...avg lifespane is 13 yrs. watch for pra, glaucoma, von willebrand's disease and disk disease.

Pembroke- requires daily excercise, weekly brushing, outgoing pets and good family pet, good watch dogs. avg lifespan is 12 yrs. watch for disc disease, degenerative myelopathy, epilepsy, hip dysplasia, ehlers-danlos syndrome, cystinure, patent ductus arteriosus (PDA), von willebrand's disease.

This is what I think in PomSpeak 101: "Arf, arf".
I would like to suggest that you purchase a dog that suits your lifestyle.

Avoid a dog that is in the "working class" as they need to be kept very busy or they will get into mischief.

Some people say to pick a dog that goes with your decor, too so that you will not notice the doghair so much!
MorriganTait said:
Mixed dogs from the pound are the best.

We don't want a mutt from a pound. We want a purebred puppy who don't grow big and don't require too much exercise, because we live in an apartment. We won't be living in a house anytime soon. Probably in a few years.
hey Sweetheart and Seq are u planning on getting dog(small) if so r u going to take pic of your dog? i surely love to see pic of dogs.
PurrMeow said:
hey Sweetheart and Seq are u planning on getting dog(small) if so r u going to take pic of your dog? i surely love to see pic of dogs.

Once, Sequoias and I get a puppy(dont know which) and we will take a picture of it and post it in here so all of you can see ;)
downing said:
No health problems at all so far. He is UTD (up to dates) for vaccinations. On chihuahua forums only i see chihuahuas that have health problems that are neglected by owners that surrendered them over to rescue organization that try to restore their health back.

in winter time/rainy seasons. you can practically throw or put on a tshirt with funny wordings on the back. I have a tshirt saying "Doesn't Bite"

I have seen other forum boards like Boston or Labs they have Plataes or Leg problems like joints and knees. I don't know how to spell them. U need to research each breed for health problems. I will look for the link and have that posted for you ok.

Thank you sooo much for telling me abt their healthy and etc like that! :hug: Im going to talk to Sequoias abt that ;)
downing said:
You could get a Chihuahua. I have a chihuahua... I am moving into apt this weekend... they do charge dogs by its weight. I am lucky bec my dog is only 4 lbs and only need to pay 15 a month where most are from 50 to 100 a month....

Not much of grooming cuz of short haired... You can bath him every week or two.. easy to mange. You can have him potty pad trained...even use litterbox w pad...if weather is too cold. Spot can go into litter and go his business. You can take chi to stores because they do accept small dogs... I think Target, Home Depot, Lowes, WalMart. ummm not sure others...

I do dress him in clothes. it is cute and very light, easy to carry. My boys loves him so much, i exposured my dog at a very young age to ppl, big dogs, kids and I was very fortunane that Spot does not yip or bark like a lot Chihuahua does.. I got mine from an reputable breeder.

Here is a pic of my dog, Spot... you can pm me or ask me any questions. Feel free.. I am a member of Chihuahua Forum....(psss. vet charges are much cheaper for Spot than big dogs bec I used to have a Lab dog, my gosh, more $$$ but with Spot, damn cheap $. haha)

grr Can I borrow your dog? lol I will get one after my cats are gone. My long term goal .. ehehe Chihuahua will keep me company everywhere! :)
Pomeranian said:
What about pomeranian??? Look at the pix in my avator that is pomeranian. :D

Pomeranians are so cute, I love Golden Receivers too. Since Golden Receivers are big dogs, I rather to have a small dog, Pomeranians are perfect. ;)
Cheri said:
Pomeranians are so cute, I love Golden Receivers too. Since Golden Receivers are big dogs, I rather to have a small dog, Pomeranians are perfect. ;)

Same as I. I do love Golden Receivers, but crazy abt Basset Hound mostly.. I do love ANY dogs, but need to get a small dog because of apt's rule, have to be under of 25 lbs.
Is this going to be your pet, will there be children around, etc? I own a dachshund and use to breed them. They are loyal, loving, low maintenance but difficult to house break. Poodles have hair not fur so if anyone is around you with allergies they are good for that. I also have a lab and shepard, major shedding and upkeep there. Will the dog be kept in apartment or have a yard to run and play? Small dogs are best for apartment living, especially if you work. I would suggest that you check out some books from the library concerning the breed you like best and do a little research. A pet can be a wonderful thing to have in your life. They are loyal and loving everyday of their life. They always listen, they are never bored with you. You might consider checking out your local pound and animal shelters and consider adopting to save a life. Good luck with your search.
Hello again, reading back thru postings- Stay away from the Jack and the Rat if you don't want to exercise them a lot. These two need lots of exercise or they will bouce off of your walls. (Hmm, sounds like little G) If you go with a chihuahua stay away from "tea cups". It's to hard to breed anything that weighs 2 lb. and doesn't have a lot of health issues. We didn't even carry them. I used to have a regular chihuahua he was great, but my ex and his new wife have him now. The long hairs were crossed with papillons one of my favorite small breeds. They're a little harder to find but real love bugs and beautiful. I have a friend who shows them. I think they would make another great breed for you to consider. The only draw back is brushing. Also consider a Yorkie. If you don't want to brush it you just ask for a puppy cut. They look adorable in it and it's how they are as puppies anyway.
If there's a purebred one.....unfortunatly they're hard to come by in animal shelters...most of the time they're big dogs, puppies are rare at animal shelters here in Seattle. We want a puppy like we said in the post earlier. My friend has a chilaudua and they plan to move to a new place.. after they settle, they will get a female one to breed them. They will let us know when they have babies and give one of them to us for a good deal because we can't afford a $600 puppy so they will give it to us for like $200-300. :) I have seen their Chiluadua and he's so cute! He's short haired and sweet!