I Hate This. Do Ci Users Have This Same Issue?

I imagine they do to some extent. Especially in the beginning.
My HAs help but I still get wiped out and being a Type 1 Diabetic also does not help.
I imagine they do to some extent. Especially in the beginning.

In the beginning, they are fatigued from the sensory overload. In the long run, communicating gets to be a much easier process leading to having more energy and generally being happier.
Interesting article, and I believe at times I may suffer from this although until now I didn't know hearing loss could be directly linked to fatigue. I am bilateral CI, and earlier this week was in a situation of trying to converse with people in a large outdoor setting and when I returned home I was totally exhausted even though it was early in the evening. As far as taking short afternoon naps, since I retired my siestas have become more lengthy so maybe that's why I don't experience this more often!
Didn't have the issue with hearing aids, but definitely do with CI's. As I explain it, with hearing aids you can still hear. I cannot hear with CI, I can only listen. In communications and audiology its called passive listening and active listening. Passive listening means you don't have to think about or focus on something to hear it. For example someone may call your name in a group or make a comment to someone else that is not directed at you, yet you hear and understand it. that is passive listening or as I call it hearing. Active listening is actually focusing on the sound or what is being said. that is active listening, or as I call it listening. Hence it takes much more effort to constantly listen than it does to hear.