How I get free stuffs...


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Apr 11, 2011
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Goodwill stores in my area offers 5% off if you spend $20 or higher before tax. That means if I find a couch for $19.99, I do not qualify for a discount because I didn't hit $20 mark.

So see...2 scenairos....

A. I buy couch for $19.99 plus tax.

B. I buy couch for $19.99 and a book for $.89. Total $20.88 plus tax before discount. Now, I get that 5% discount. So, when you take $20.88 plus 5% discount, you'll see it's less than $19.99 before tax.

So you see how it works...I get a book and I actually get my couch for a bit less. Weird, but if we can use this to our advantage, great!!!
really? what name of those goodwills that does that?
Some thrift stores are good deals or stuffs that are rare used or well used, whatever it is you look at (depend)

i found some of good stuffs that arent use or rare used. I found marvel comic books from 80's to 90's for good fat package (approx 40 or 50) for just only $10, so hell yeah, i bought it. I was HARDLY to believe that one good jacket (Mammoth) looks hardly to wear or just new that are not someone's size. Happened to be my size so i bought it for only $25. That kind of jacket is averaging in retail store sells around $100!

those days can be lucky or not. That is how you find the treasure if you KNOW the brands name or value.