Girlfriend or son


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Aug 18, 2021
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I have been dating my girlfriend now for 3years and she wants to move back to the states. I have my son here but she wants me to move with her permanently to the states.

I'm torn between moving to the states and my son. I don't want to lose this relationship but don't want to not see my son even tho I haven't seen him for 2 years due to the foster parents who are looking after him stopped contact for no reason and I have a chance to go court.

Can anyone give me any advice on this cause I don't want to lose both.

Forget the Girlfriend.

SHE wants to come to the USA? Maybe you are being used or "Muled" for her to get citizenship or something valuable not available wherever she is.

Your son is first. He is your blood. I have no children but if I had to choose, its the son in this situation instantly. No regreats. GF dont like it? Oh well I guess we don't have a BF GF relationship anymore. Her choice. You already made yours.
Move to States, work your ass off to bring son to States...if your girlfriend supports that. If not, drop everything, stick with your plan. Where are you from?