Free Cap Phone - for those like me that still have a landline...


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Oct 17, 2011
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Hey guys, I’m on and off this forum. I had an old account, but never posted so login was never necessary. I love your discussions and don’t know why I just lurked around for so long. Anyway, I’m coming out of my shell and wanted to share a cool cap phone offer I discovered a few weeks ago. I know cap phones are being phased out, but if you ever thought about getting one – you can have one for free! I love mine.

I just found this really great deal. The company Caption Call is offering a free caption telephone, a $150 dollar value! All you need is an Internet connection and a land telephone line. There will never be any additional fees associated with this product down the road. The taxes you pay for your home phone cover the service.

If you need additional information, check out the product on their homepage ( You can also call and talk to a representative. I was very hesitant at first, but am shocked at this truly FREE offer. I almost like it better than my cell phone. The caption screen is huge and easy to read – too bad it’s not as portable as my cell. It’s great for business meetings too. I never miss a word.

For the free promo code (ends Dec. 31st):
Call or go online (request info tab) and enter in the promo code HS1105. It’s that easy. The company makes its money from a government-captioning program that comes from taxes paid by the people of our county.

Send a PM if you have any questions.

Hope to finally participate more on these forums. Thanks.

Cool. Glad you like it. I just got an e-mail offer today and am considering it.
Yeah, I already got that for my father which he's loosing his hearing. I hate it when I watch him whenever he get a call, He answered the phone and switched to speaker phone and turned up the volume. This phone became a boom box!! So, I surprised him with Captel Phone and he love it.... sigh.. I'm glad.. no longer a boom box!!
I thought for some reason my first post would be deleated due to spam / advertisment. So glad it did not. This is such a true offer and I am so grateful someone introduced me to it. The phone is great and the touch screen is amazing. I was definately a sceptic at first...

And I must agree with you - the only problem with this phone is you MUST have a landline and an internet connection. Landlines are becoming a thing of the past (maybe that is why they are handing these things out). I was looking into why they are offering the phone for free and my research came up with some government program that pays for the captioning service directly to the phone manufature. The company may be making an arm and a leg off of the government program, but the phone is trully free with no hidden fees to their customers (at least none I have seen, nor can see coming to me down the line).

Check it out. Or if you want an additional CapTel in the house - here's your chance.