FOX 25 Boston is broadcast 16:9 inside of a 4:3 image


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Jan 22, 2009
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FOX 25 Boston is broadcast 16:9 inside of a 4:3 image Closed Caption turned off

Sample footage

FOX 25 Boston AFD.mpg

When they did this is turned off closed caption for the deaf.
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Wait...does this refer to something about widescreen being shown on non-widescreen TV's? I still have not downloaded your file, but I am watching House right now, and I noticed at the beginning that the sides are cut off. When the credits were being shown at the beginning, they were missing parts on the sides. The captions are okay though so I'm not sure exactly what problem you were having. But Fox definitely has some picture problems!
vatkat234... you did not give us enough information. We do not know what you have.

Are you use standard TV or HDTV? Are you use Antenna? cable? DirecTV? Network TV? What is title of movie or classic TV program?

We have Verizon FIOS HDTV. Sometime, I got smaller 16:9 with thick black board on my HDTV (Widescreen) like this picture. Most time, I notice FIOS made PBS smaller 16:9.

Make me curious to see compare Antenna vs FIOS. I noticed that over the air (antenna) make full screen better than F**K FIOS. Somehow, Antenna gave me weak signal on PBS.

On My HD TV itself there is a setting of standard, full and wide available. When I use standard I notice some smaller 16:9 but not on the full or wide.