DeKalb man pleads guilty to killing deaf woman


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Apr 18, 2004
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DeKalb man pleads guilty to killing deaf woman |

A DeKalb County judge sentenced a man to life in prison for stabbing his deaf neighbor to death.

Darrell Smith, 32, was scheduled to start his trial on Monday. Instead, he pled guilty to felony murder, said Orzy Theus, spokesman for the district attorney.

Smith was charged with killing college student Tekelia Blackshear, 21, at the Oak Creek apartments in Avondale Estates in October 2009.

Smith, who is also deaf, was charged with rape and false imprisonment. As part of a plea negotiated by prosecutor Shera Grant, those charges were reduced, Theus said.

"He will serve a minimum of 30 years before he is eligible for parole,” Theus said.
I don't quite understand why he has to go to prison for 30 years while other murderers go to prison or death roll for life. It is not fair that he will get a parole for that. It does not matter if he is deaf or hearing. It is wrong for him to stab and kill her like she was nothing to him. He has a sick mind, you know. Geeze. :roll:
He's not deaf. He didn't get sentenced for 30 years; in fact the article didn't mention how long he was sentenced for, but we can assume "life." However in 30 years, he can choose to apply for parole; whether or not it will be approved, it's up to the panel.

I means look at the Charles Manson murderers... they apply for parole almost yearly, yet rejected every time-- doesn't means they didn't get sentenced as long as they should be.