Chinese Torture Test


bloody phreak from hell
Feb 27, 2003
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One rainy night, a guy is driving his car out in the middle of nowhere. All of the sudden the car breaks down. Pissed, the man gets out and starts walking. Surprised he walks up on a huge mansion. After he knocks on the door, an old chinese man answers the door. The motorist tells his story and begs the old man for lodging for the night. The old man says that he can stay, on one condition: that he doesn't touch his 20 year old daughter. The motorist thinks to himself for a moment and quickly agrees.

Later at dinner...

While dining the motorist can't take his eyes off of the gorgeous woman sitting across from him. Then, to his surprise, he feels the woman's foot slowly caressing his leg. He struggles to keep a straight face, but she moves higher and higher. Inevitably, she ends up fondling his balls with her foot. After the old chinese man gets up to place his dishes in the kitchen, the young woman tells the motorist, "Come to my room tonight and I will fuck your brains out." The motorist remembers the old man's stipulations, but disregards them due to the wild sex that awaits. So after everyone goes to bed, the motorist goes to the woman's room as requested, and they fuck several times. He returns to his room and thinks to himself, "Phew, that was the best sex ever!"

The next morning...

The motorist wakes up to the sight of a huge boulder on his chest. The boulder has a note on it. The note reads: I know you slept with my daughter. Since you disgraced my home and family, you have to complete a torture test.

Lift this boulder, and throw it out the window.

The motorist gets up, and even though he struggles, throws the huge rock out the window. On the windowsill there's another note. This one reads:

The rock is tied to your right testicle.

Distraught, the motorist jumps out the window to try and escape the pain of having his nut ripped off. As he is falling, he notices a note attached to the rope that's tied to his ball. THIS one reads:

Your left testicle is tied to the windowsill.
:rofl: hahahah ive read this joke before and it still gives me the laughs cuz this is definately something the men would think twice abt LOL
this reminds me what my prof said to the class, read the ENTIRE instructions first before starting....
BabyPhat21 said:
this reminds me what my prof said to the class, read the ENTIRE instructions first before starting....
:werd: My high school teacher did that to my class once. She passed out a list of 25 instructions. She announced to the class before handing out the instructions. "Read the whole thing FIRST." she said, then she passed out the instructions. My friend and I got the paper and began following instructions. 1? Write name on upper-right corner. 2? Draw circle on lower-left corner. 3? Underline instruction #1. 4? 5? We followed every instruction all the way down to #25. By the time we got to #25, we realized that we were duped. Why? 25? Do not write anything on this paper. Grr!
Hehe that's a really funny one, reminds me of another joke... but I forget what it was but it involved a doctor and a class of med students. :0