Captel@ 840I Recipient Issues?


Apr 1, 2011
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I own a Captel 840I and also have 3 standard phones at my residence. ( I live with a relative.)

Sometimes when I call doctors' and government offices, the person I call does not hear me very well. I then switch to a standard phone and they hear me clearly.

Has anyone else had this problem? Does it also exist with the Caption Call Phones?

Have no idea, gave up phone couple years back when tried to get gov. assistance, they told me my address was undeliverable, year later found P.O. had a dyslexic day and had my number wrong but was delivering mail, now they want to charge me for something I can't use, no thanks getting by with email, tried a talk to text but unless you get expensive no better than my hearing, what? There is still such a thing called a letter :hmm:
I get the same thing sometimes. I think it has to do with IP on the captel side. The phone line is for talking while internet connection is for captions. Are you connected to the internet by network cable or wireless?
This is pretty common, remember that when you call on Captel, you are connecting to Caption Service, and same time it connect to person you are calling. Now the Caption service sometime have poor line and receiver will have hard time hearing it. What I would do is to let your caller know that you will call back and then hang up and call again. That usually works because you will connect to different Caption service operator and have better line. My 2 cents....